WebRes - Discounting with Promotional Codes

WebRes - Discounting with Promotional Codes



WebRes allows for the use of promotional code-based discounts.  In order to apply these to a tour you must assign a promotional code in your back-end t28 or t3 system.  WebRes will pick up on this and, on such tours, prompt the customer to enter the code on the payment screen.  If they do so, they receive the relevant discount.

Setting up the code

Creating and assigning a promotional code is actually relatively straightforward.  You will notice an area to do this in the tour settings of t28 or t3.  Exactly where depends on which system you are using, as seen in the following examples.

In t28 you will see the following screen as per the below:

In t3 you must first click the “P.C.” button next to the Discount field, and this will reveal the Promotional Code window as per below:

In either case, in order to make the promotional code ‘live’, you will need to proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the code name that you wish to use into the “Promotional Code” field. 
  2. Select the dates that you wish the promotion to run between.
  3. Choose the discount type and value as if you were setting up a Web Discount

When you save these settings, the promo code is available for selection and will prompt the user to enter such code on the order process payment screen.

A couple of notes regarding these codes:

  • You cannot have a Web Discount and a Promotional Code discount on the same tour. If a promotional code is detected, WebRes will assume that this is taking precedence.
  • When a customer is entering the code to receive the discount, the code is not considered case-sensitive.
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