t3 consolidate client

t3 consolidate client

How to merge duplicates in the mail list.


Over time there is a chance the mail list in t3 can accumulate duplicate entries. T3 provides the option to merge the duplicates and consolidate the customer history.

To merge the duplicates, first search for the client.

Next, highlight the target client you want to retain and from the File drop-down menu select Consolidate Client.

The window that opens will display the target client's unique client id and address. Enter the client id of the entry you want consolidate and click Check.

Ensure the customer details are correct and click Consolidate. T3 will then ask you to confirm the clients you are merging.

T3 will take a few moments to process the request, once complete all the bookings and customer history will be assigned to the target client and the duplicate will be marked as deleted.

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