t3 Brochure Maintenance

t3 Brochure Maintenance

Add/Edit Brochures


t3 has no limit to the number of brochures that can be created within a system, however to keep things manageable they can be flagged as either current or not-current. This precludes the need to actually delete brochures and indeed to prevent damage to historical information t3 prevents their removal.
The brochure maintenance window is shown below.

The various controls of the enquiry window are described below.

Close Close the window.
Previous Select the previous item in the list of brochures.
Next Select the next item in the list of brochures.
New Click to add a new brochure.
Edit Click to edit the currently selected brochure.
Filter Select from current or

When adding a new brochure or editing an existing one the following window is displayed.

The above window shows an existing brochure being edited, when adding a new brochure the window is captioned Add New Brochure and will have the current setting checked.

The controls of the edit brochure window are as follows.

Current Brochure is currently active and available for selection when adding a new enquiry.
Category Select the required customer category mapping.
Description Descriptive name of the brochure.
Save Click to save the brochure and exit the window.
Close Click to close the window without saving the brochure.

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