Data backup

Data backup

t28 & ph28


Backing up your data is crucial for protecting your business in the event of hard disk failure or damage to your server. Without adequate data backup protection your entire business could be at risk if you no longer have access to your data containing your bookings, tours and customer details.

Fortunately within t28 and ph28 we provide built in tools to create a backup of the critical data files, however there are also additional files such as the document archives which require backing up.

In both t28 and ph28 the backup utility is found under the File menu and Backup Data. Please note, this only backs up your current data set. If you have multiple data sets for different brands this will need to be performed on each set.

The backup utility gives you the option of backing up the data files – these are the core files which should be backed up daily – and the report layouts.

The location of your data is automatically set, the destination where you want to create the backup is set manually. The backup created is a compressed zip of the folders included, these backup folders can be made locally on the same machine however for security it is vital that these are be kept on a different machine to where the originals are stored and ideally a copy kept off site.

Other files which are not part of the backup process require manually backing up as part of your daily routine include the pdf document archives. If you are unsure of where these files are stored, the backup utility window will show you the location under PDF Folder(s).

While we provide the tools to create data backups it is the responsibility of the user to ensure regular adequate backups are taken. It is also good practice to make sure the backups can be restored in the case of a disaster recovery, it is not unknown for zip files to become unusable if they are stored on media or disk drives which subsequently develop faults.


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