Newsletter - September 2014

Newsletter - September 2014

A monthly newsletter brought to you by Roeville


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  A newsletter brought to you by Roeville - September 2014



How Does Your Website Compare?




From specially adapted tablet PCs to smartphones, a new breed of devices is emerging and they are aimed specifically at the over-65s. It’s a far cry from the usual gadgets aimed at 20 and 30 something's and it underlines just how pervasive technology is becoming.

According to a recent ABTA report, in 2012 only 1% of holidays were booked on mobiles\tablets by the over 65's. In 2013 this rocketed to over 7% with 2014 set to see a large increase yet again.

If we look at our own statistics we can see that in 2011 only 5% of visits to WebRes sites were from mobiles\tablets. For 2014 we're estimating this to be around 50% for most websites.

Other statistics show that internet use in general has more than tripled for those aged 65 and over between 2006 and 2013, with many turning to the web for banking, shopping, entertainment, healthcare and holiday booking. Mobiles and tablets usage accounts for a large percentage of this upsurge.

As 'Silver Surfers' become more internet savvy, it is clear that the way forward is to allow them to book their holidays online and to give them mobile and tablet friendly versions of these websites too.

Don't worry though - this is where Roeville can help. Please take a moment to look at some of our mobile friendly WebRes by clicking on the following links:

We have many more amazing sites in development. Is yours one of them?

Our full portfolio of websites is here:



Our Software Becomes Smart Aware



Auto Error Logging

Following on from the heels of our highly successful AutoUpdate feature witch allows customers to automatically receive the latest product updates, we have moved to the next step: A new and fully Automatic Health Check Service.

The Automatic Health Check Service will proactively monitor your Roeville Software round the clock for program, network or data storage issues and will notify us of these without user intervention. This new service allows us to proactively monitor and deal with any issues often before you even notice them. This is a feature we've had in WebRes for a number of years and has proven extremely useful to customers and our support team, allowing us to offer you an improved support service.

Please call our Support team for more details or to arrange an upgrade to this service.

Always keep an eye on our Roeville Homepage for the latest news on developments and new feature releases.



New Data Backup Wizard


Data Backup

We're following on from our last newsletter where we reminded you of the importance of a good backup and datastorage strategy.

We can't stress enough how important your data is and so to aid you in backing up your t28\ph28 data correctly we have improved the internal backup system within our software and also written an accompanying backup guide. If you're unsure of what your backup policies are then please clarify these with your IT support company.

We see far too many occasions where operators incorrectly assume they are backing up their using unreliable media.  There are some amazing and very cost effective solutions out there, including USB External drives and cloud storage.

For T3 users we can even provide real-time data replication to off-site Disaster Recovery systems.

Data loss is no laughing matter and can put a company out of business, so please make sure you have all your options covered.

Call our Support team for more details and please view our backup recommendation article here:

Backup Article

And finally.....

We are proud to showcase our latest WebRes redesign for Daishs Holidays (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile), and Wilfreda beehive.

Please click on the links below to see this

We have other very exciting re-designs in development for launch this Autumn.

Watch out for them going live!


Also very finally.... we'd like to welcome Grayscroft Coaches to the Roeville family and wish them every success with our PH28 private hire software.


WebRes Re-designs





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