Newsletter - December 2014

Newsletter - December 2014

A monthly newsletter brought to you by Roeville


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  A newsletter brought to you by Roeville - December 2014



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - our opening hours for the festive period



Merry Christmas

Monday 22nd December 2014:

9am - 5:30pm

Tuesday 23rd December 2014:

9am - 5:30pm

Wednesday 24th December 2014:

9am - 12pm

Thursday 25th December 2014:


Friday 26th December 2014:


Monday 29th December 2014:


Tuesday 30th December 2014:


Wednesday 31st December 2014:


Thursday 1st January 2015:


Friday 2nd January 2015:

9am - 5:30pm



Do You Take Credit Cards Payments? Are You PCI DSS Compliant?

You Can Be Fined If Not.




Do you assume that PCI DSS compliance is not for you because you’re not storing card data?

Are you ignoring PCI DSS compliance because you think it is too complicated?

Do you work on the assumption that compliance risks and penalties are minimal?

You've outsourced and so as far as you concerned it’s somebody else’s problem?

To read our Must Read guide on PCI DSS compliance click here:



Selling tickets on WebRes? Life just got simpler



We've been working hard with Roberts Travel Group to help them sell their school bus tickets online. The WebRes booking process is very much geared to selling trips and holidays and so to sell tickets\passes we had to simplify the booking process for a sale where accommodation and other holiday related items just weren't applicable and required hiding.

We understand that a number of our customers sell items like this and so if you want us to help you out then please let the web team know.

Check Roberts booking process out here


We're improving our support



We're always trying to find ways of improving our support. A couple of years ago we introduced a support ticketing CRM system and earlier this year we created a support section on our website which has helpful articles and guides for our software.

Improving further, for 2015 we are investing in an upgraded phone system which allows us to monitor, record and track phone calls in greater detail. This will also give us a useful management tool and help with staff development and training.

And finally.....

We are proud to introduce a couple of operators to the Roeville family group.

DJ Thomas are new customers to our t28 tours software.

...and Woods Coaches (now owned by Stewarts of Mortimer) to the t3 family. Formally a t28 customer, Woods Coaches are now benefiting from upgrading to our flagship tour product for larger operators.

 DJ ThomasWoods





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