Change t3 Tour Codes

Change t3 Tour Codes


Occasionally it may be necessary to alter the code of certain tour departures after they have been initially created, to facilitate this t3 has the Change Tour Codes window, shown below, which can be accessed from the tools menu in the maintain area.

The Change Tour Codes window allows a user to select a specific tour and alter its code, both base and offset parts (it is recommended that both are still utilised to maintain the systems default ten character tour codes).  t3 will then alter all data concerned with the tour, including all bookings, passengers, options, cashbook entries, so that any subsequent actions performed on the tour are carried out as if the new tour code was always in use.


As shown in the image above it is important to remember that some provisos come into force and Roeville cannot be held responsible for user misunderstandings arising from a change in tour code. 

Both cash day books and insurance batches should be up to date.


To change a tour code find it in the alphanumeric list of tour codes and double click, the information on the selected tour will populate the code controls toward the bottom of the window, as shown below.

Any alterations can then be made to the New Base and Offset before clicking the Save button.  The new tour code will first be checked to make sure it is not already in used before the adjustments are made to the existing tour, bookings, passengers etc.


Change as many tour codes as are required before clicking Close to exit the window.

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