WebRes Version 5.0

WebRes Version 5.0


New features

  • Internal Blog for marketing, sales and news facilities. Use this to push your message to your customers as well as improving your SEO. If you want us to style this feature up for you just let us know.
  • t3 Gift Voucher sales checkout feature. If you want us to style this feature up for you just let us know.
  • Major 'under the hood changes' to support the latest web technologies for a smoother, faster and more SEO friendly experience.
  • Site Map management tool feature.
  • Category 1 and 2 management system that allows you to control your website categories by adding\deleting\editing the categories that your itineraries use.
  • Email confirmation template tool for custom itinerary based customer emails.
  • Customer email extract tool.
  • Contact form creation tool.
  • Re-written page editing tool for easier and quicker website changes.
  • Create tabs\pages that are hidden from the site navigation.
  • An new internal auditing system now logs all major admin user changes to your website within the CMS.
  • Support for upto 20 accomdation types now for t3 clients (already supported for t28)
  • New 'Copy Page' feature added to allow for quick page cloning

Other improvements

  • Improved Agent management system which saves you time for your Agents booking online.
  • Improved Customer management system
  • External Tiny MCE and Moxie Manager files updated to May 2015 versions.
  • Improved usability for international website end users.
  • Improved My Account tools for your customers, customer can now update their email address and see more of their booking history.
  • Improved navigation \ page management for tabs which gives you more control over the website.
  • Improved layout management for easier page layout modifications allowing you to more quickly manage your content and create new pages.
  • The Re-sync tours feature has been improved for quicker and more precise tour code entries.
  • Improved Sage Pay card processing support

 Coming Soon

  • t3 Gift Voucher redemption
  • t3 Batch Tour discounting support
  • Holiday review system
  • PayPal Support
  • Improved search filtering
  • ....and many more features
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