t3 routing - Add a pickup point

t3 routing - Add a pickup point

How to add a pickup point onto an active interchange.


Adding a pickup point to an existing interchange is made easy through the routing application.

With the routing application open, select your date then highlight the Active Interchange to add the pickup point to.

Click the Master Points icon on the top tool bar which opens the Master Points window pane on the right of the screen. In the search box on this window begin typing the name of the point to be added. After each character it typed the results are filtered until you get the point you require. When you see the point to be added, highlight it by clicking and then drag the point across to the window titled Point Groups. Hover over the point group name you want the point on, the point group will be highlighted and the mouse cursor will change if this allowed then drop the point.

To make sure the pickup point has successfully added, click the point group and you should now see the point in the list of all points.

It is now possible to push this point out to future instances of this interchange. Right-click the point that has just been added and select Future Instances. A new window will open allowing you to select a date range to push this point out to. Select your dates, then click OK. This will now push out this pickup point to all instances of this interchange between the date ranges.

Once the pickup point has been added to an active interchange it is then available to book on from t3.

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