Installing t28

Installing t28

This guide will show you how to install t28


Before attempting to install t28 for the first time, please make sure the following components are to hand:

    Setup.EXE - the main t28 Installation file. This can be found on a t28 installation CD or downloaded from the Roeville Website.

    Install Code - this is the 16 digit installation code required to start the installer.

    License Key - a special file which will be issued by Roeville Computer Systems and is individual for each installation. This file contains information on the booking limits and number of concurrent users licensed to use t28.

T28 can be installed in one of several modes:

    Single User - the data tables and client programme are loaded into the same machine.  

    Server - The data tables are loaded onto the server. 

    Workstation - the client files are installed onto the workstation. The workstation requires access to the data tables on the file server.


Single User or File Server Installation

To install t28, simply start the Installer - this should run automatically when the installation CD is loaded.  Alternatively find and double-click on the file Setup.EXE.  When prompted, enter the 16 digit install code exactly as shown on the label inside the CD case or printed in the email which accompanies the license file. Follow one on-screen prompts to install the required mode as described above.  Certain components may require consent to add entries to the windows registry - please accept these prompts otherwise t28 will not run.

Once the installation is complete, remove the installation file from the CD drive.

Please do not attempt to run t28 at this stage if this is a new server installation - the programme will not operate without a valid license file.

A Server or Single User installation will create the following folder structure on the chosen drive:

        |__ \T28\Data
        |__ \T28\Reports
        |        |
        |        |__ \T28\Reports\License\
        |__  \T28\Temp\
        |__  \T28\Confirmation\
        |__  \T28\Docs\

The purpose of these folders is as follows:

Main t28cData Tables.  Addition data folders are required for each additional company data set.
Report layout files
T28 License Key.
Temporary file space - used for report data. This file will contain sub-folders for each user when operating on Terminal Servers.
Temporary file space - used for report data. This file will contain sub-folders for each user when operating on Terminal Servers.


It is advisable to create the following additional folders:

Programme updates placed here will automatically be copied down to all workstations.
Copy the t28 Setup.exe file here and create a text file called install.txt containing the 16 digit Install Code.  This is useful and time saving when loading workstation clients.

To complete the t28 server (or single user) installation, copy the t28 License Key into the \T28\Reports\License\ folder.  Ideally it should be set to READ ONLY by right-clicking on the file, select  Properties and tick the Read Only checkbox.  Save and close the property window. 

If the installation is single user then the installation process is now complete.  Click on the t28 icon on the desktop to start the programme.

For file server installations, run the Workstation install as described next. 

Workstation Install

To install the t28 client on workstations, log in as an administrator, locate the t28 Setup.exe file on the server and double click to run it.  Copy the Install Code from the install.txt file created earlier and paste it into the installer form before selecting the Workstation option. Note that the file server should also have a copy of the client loaded on the C drive for maintenance and remote support purposes. 

Follow the on-screen prompts and allow the registry keys to be created as required.  

When the installation has finished, start the t28 client by double-clicking the desktop icon - the programme should start but immediately but will complain that it is unable to locate the data tables.  Follow the on-screen options to set the path to the folders on the server containing the Data and Report (plus license) folders.  Once t28 has access to these folders it will authenticate and open the log-in screen.


Note that the workstation - and users who will run t28 - need to have create as well as read and write privilege to the server folders.  Firewalls can interfere with the visibility of  the data and report folders, preventing t28 from operating.  This is quite common on Peer to Peer networks where software firewalls should be disabled.

Anti Virus products can also interfere with t28 if all data passing between the server and workstations is constantly being scanned. The system performance can be drastically affected. It is highly recommended that he following file types are excluded from virus scans:
DBF - Foxpro 2.6 Data Table.
CDX - Foxpro Compressed Index File.
FPT - Foxpro Text (Memo) file.
RPT - Report layout file.

It is essential that workstations are configured WITHOUT power saving enabled.  Workstations 'going to sleep' with t28 forms open can cause index file damage and require frequent table re-indexing.  

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