t3 tour routes

t3 tour routes

Link tours in t3 to share the same route.


Routes on a tour can either be changed to a different/new instance of a route, or the tour can be attached to a route that is currently in use by an existing tour so multiple tours are sharing a route.


From the Route Selection area of Tour Settings the Outward and Return routes can be changed. Clicking the arrow adjacent to the route to be changed opens the Route Searcher window.


In the search box type in the first few characters of the new route and click the search button. The search results is populated with the matching routes. Double-click on the correct route to select.


The next window will then show what the route is changing from and to.

If you are wanting to change the route to a new instance then click the Change button to confirm and save. If it is incorrect click Cancel.

If you are wanting to attach the tour to a route already in use by another tour click the Select button.


You now have the option to chose which instance of the route you want to attach to. Selecting the route in the left hand column will show the tours which are currently using this route. If this is correct and you want the tour to share the route click on the Attach button.

You will then see at the bottom of this window the route and date the tour is being attached to.

Clicking OK will confirm the changes and return you to the previous Change Route window. Click Change here to accept and save the changes.

This can then be repeated for any additional routes on the tour if necessary.


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