t3 Marketing Extract 1

t3 Marketing Extract 1

Produce a mail extract of clients from a particular area.


t3 comes with a fully customizable sales region system, allowing ranges of postcodes to be gathered together into a single area. These can be combined in a number of ways with tour departure, enquiry and booking dates to create extracts of clients from your mail list.


Sales Regions

To create your first sales region go to Marketing then Regions. Select the add new record icon, or New from the Action drop down menu. Enter a name for the sales region you are creating, ensuring there is a tick in Current, then click Save and close the sales regions window.


Postcode Ranges

The next step is to set up the postcode ranges that form this new sales region. Still within Marketing, click on Ranges. Select the sales region created in the previous step from the Region box, then select the add new record icon, or New from the Action drop down menu. Enter the postcode prefix letters, for example DN for Doncaster. Then the digits for that postcode range. If you wanted to include all postocdes for the Doncaster postcode area you could enter 1 to 99. This would ensure all possible postcodes are included in the range. If you wanted to target a smaller area you would put in the lowest number to the highest number. Click Save. Some sales regions could consist of multiple postcode ranges. If this is the case, just repeat the last part to add a new postcode range. Once all the required ranges have been created, close the postcode ranges window.


Rebuild Regions

Each time a sales region or postcode range is created or modified you need to Rebuild Regions. This will update the customers in the mail list and assign them to the correct sales region based on their postcode. In Marketing go to the Maintain drop down menu and select Rebuild Regions. Click Yes to confirm. Depending on the size of the mail list this stage could take some time. Once the rebuild has completed click OK to continue.


Extract Data

The final step is to extract the customer details. Still in Marketing select Extract 1. Extract 1 will return all customer contact details into Excel for the selected sales region by date of travel or enquiry. Only the sales regions ticked as being Current are available here. Select the desired sales region, enter a travelled between date range and an enquired between date range. To include all just select a large date range for both. The Excel workbook name should be automatically created however if you want to save to a different location just click the arrow to the right of the box. The Save Settings tick box is optional if you want to save the date ranges for subsequent extracts. Finally, click Run Extract. Once the extract has completed the pop up box will give you the option to either open in Excel by clicking Yes or continue in t3 by clicking No.


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