ph28 remove finished bookings

ph28 remove finished bookings

Data Archiving



ph28 includes a facility for removing completed bookings. This feature can be found on the Tools menu, selectable when in the maintenance area of ph28. The Remove Finished Bookings tool can be found within the Old Data Removal sub-menu.

Remove Data Menu

Selecting this feature will display the window shown below. Before attempting to remove any bookings you should always make a permanent backup of your data files and print a Diary Debtors report. If you do not acknowledge that you have performed these two tasks ph28 will not allow you to remove any bookings. Printing the Diary Debtors report will show up any historical bookings which have not been paid, you should first resolve this issue before continuing any further.

Remove Bookings

After confirming that you have performed these two essential tasks select the cut off date and press search.

If any bookings are found with outstanding balances in the selected period then the user will be informed and the relevant bookings displayed. It is the responsibility of the user to decide which bookings are to be removed. To select a booking for removal simply double click it. When all the bookings to be removed are selected press Close.

Writing off bookings by this process will not remove them from the sales ledger, the user must take the decision to do this.

Bookings found which do not have outstanding balances will not be displayed.

To complete the process press Remove.

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