WebRes - Allow agents to book online

WebRes - Allow agents to book online


Prerequisite 1: You must already have your agent’s setup in t28\t3 first with ABTA numbers and appropriate settings configured for that agent. Please speak to the t28\t3 support team for help on this.

Prerequisite 2: Login to the CMS (admin) section of WebRes with your login details provided by Roeville staff. If you have any problems logging in then please contact the WebRes support team.

Once you are in the admin section of your WebRes site you’ll need to click on the ‘Setup Agent Accounts’ on the left and then click on the ‘Add a new agent’ button as shown below:

You’ll now see the screenshot below:

Enter the details of your agent as well as their Login email address and password as above and click on the ‘Save & Close’ button. Your agent is now ready to login and start making bookings.

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