Add a new user to access t3 and routing

Add a new user to access t3 and routing


t3 holds a central database of users that can access t3 and the t3 routing application. Once a user is created their username will be able to access both t3 and t3 routing.

Only t3 users with the correct permissions set can add or edit users.

To create a new user in t3:

  1. Within t3 click on Maintain
  2. Click on the Users icon
  3. Click New to add a new user
  4. Enter a username
  5. Quick Ref should be the users initials and unique
  6. Agency is an agent reference if the user belongs to a remote travel agent
  7. Allow the new user to enter their own password
  8. If applicable set the Branch the user belongs to
  9. Enter an email address
  10. Allow access to relevant product bands
  11. Select the desired security group for the user's role
  12. Click Save
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