t28 - Change tour codes

t28 - Change tour codes

Recode Tours


Before changing any tour codes ensure any outstanding Cash Daybook and Insurance reports have been printed. Do not use on any Shuttle style tours which have bookings.

To change a tour code of an existing tour in t28 you will first need to be logged on as a user with the permissions to access the Maintain area of t28.

  1.  Click on Maintain
  2. Go to the Tools drop down menu
  3. Select Recode Tours
  4. In the Old Tour Ref box enter the tour code of the tour you want to change.
  5. Once the tour results have been filtered, double click the tour you require to populate the remaing boxes.
  6. Enter the the leading characters of the new code in the New Base box.
  7. Enter a new Offset
  8. Click Save to confirm and recode the tour.

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