WebRes - Creating an Itinerary page

WebRes - Creating an Itinerary page


Creating an itinerary page

Prerequisite 1: Your Webres CMS must be updated to version 4.3.0 - please contact us if your Webres is not up to date.

Prerequisite 2: Login to the CMS (admin) section of WebRes with your login details provided by Roeville staff. If you have any problems logging in then please contact the WebRes support team.

Once you are in the admin section of your WebRes site you’ll need to click on the ‘Maintain Itineraries and Link Tours’ link within the 'Itineraries' section on the left and then click on the ‘Add’ button as shown below to create a new itinerary page. You can also delete old itineraries by clicking on the ‘Remove’ button as well as editing existing itineraries by clicking on the title.

WebRes Itinerary Page

You will now be presented with a blank itinerary creation page as below.

Please complete the required steps above by adding in the required text about your itinerary page. You can generally copy and paste this from your brochure to save re-typing it. Please use the icons for step by step guidance on each item.

Tip: If you intend to copy text from a pdf\word document then please paste the text using Ctrl+Alt+V or by using the   icon. This helps to remove hidden text formatting that can interfere with the itinerary page style on your website.

As the information entered here is re-used for search results then you can select a small image which displays against search results and a large image which displays on the itinerary page. Also select the categories against this itinerary which allow your customers to see this page in search results if they decide to search for that category of tour. Extra settings are available regarding search keywords and seat plan supplement charges etc. if required.

Now click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. This has now created your very basic itinerary page. At this point you are still in the itinerary creation process and you can choose to leave this process or add extra details in about the tours that you will be selling on this page. You’ll now notice by saving your itinerary as above a couple of extra buttons on at the top called ‘Manage Itinerary Items’ and ‘Manage Itinerary Tours’ are enabled.

'Manage Itinerary Items' is used to display extra information that you feel may be useful for your customers to see from your brochure. For example you could add a description\picture about a hotel or excursion or even the area that the customer is staying at.

To add information in about a hotel for example click on the ‘Add’ button and then fill in the details as required in the box that appears as shown below. Click on the 'Save this item' button once done.

Your itinerary is now fully created and is stored in the WebRes system. Although at this point it's not classed as being live and ready for customers to search for on your website. To allow this you will need to decide which t28\t3 tours you want to add and sell on this page. This is done using the ‘Manage Itinerary Tours’ button as shown above. You can then use the 'Preview Article' button at the bottom of page any time to see how the page currently looks.

Please see the following page /articles/69-webres-link-t28-and-t3-tours-to-your-itinerary for more details on how to use the 'Manage Itinerary Tours' section and on linking your t28\t3 tours to an itinerary.

Please note: the itinerary page will not show on search results until this has been done.

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