t3 routing - Adjust driving speeds

t3 routing - Adjust driving speeds

Apply route times


When using the apply route times function within the routing application you may notice the route times are not accurate as the driving speeds seem too fast.

As the routing application uses MapPoint for the directions and times you will need to adjust the driving speeds within the MapPoint program.

Depending on the version of MapPoint you have installed you may find this setting in a different place.

For version 2010:

  1. Go to Route --> Route Options --> Driving Speeds 
  2. Set the driving speeds to the required setting.
  3. Save as the default template.  File --> Save As …
  4. Change type to Map Template …
  5. Save in … ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft MapPoint\17.0\Templates ..
  6. Overwrite New European Map.ptt

For other versions and for more information visit the Microsoft MapPoint Support Pages.

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