WebRes - Link t28 and t3 tours to your itinerary

WebRes - Link t28 and t3 tours to your itinerary


Prerequisite 1: Login to the CMS (admin) section of WebRes with your login details provided by Roeville staff. If you have any problems logging in then please contact the WebRes support team.

Prerequisite 2: You must have itineraries already setup in WebRes as per the instructions in the following article: http://www.roeville.com/articles/62-webres-creating-an-itinerary-page

Once you are in the admin section of your WebRes site you’ll need to click on the ‘Maintain Itineraries and Link Tours’ button on the left and then select the itinerary that you want to link in your t28\t3 tours into.

Click on the 'Manage Itinerary' button which will appear at the top and you’ll see the screen below.

Now click on the ‘Add’ button as shown above and you’ll see the following screen below:

You can use this screen to search for tours. Try to be specifc by using some of the categories or by typing the tour code in to more easily find the tours that match the itinerary you wish to link them too. Click on the ‘Add & Sell Your Selected Tours on this Itinerary Page’ button at the bottom of the page and the system will take you back to the previous screen and show you a list of tours that are linked to this itinerary.

You can delete, add or amend to this list at any time.

Please Note: Once you have linked the tour\s the itinerary page becomes live on your website for your customers to search for.

Please Note 2: A tour can only be linked to 1 itinerary at a time. If a tour is already linked to itinerary A for example and you try to link it to itinerary B then the tour is removed from itinerary A.

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