t28 transfer bookings between tours

t28 transfer bookings between tours


T28 supports the transfer of bookings from one tour to another using the transfer feature.  This is a much easier process than cancelling from one tour and re-booking on another and has the advantage of retaining the original Booking Reference Number and it's history of transactions and payments.

There are some important considerations before using transfer: 

  • Transfers can only be made where sufficient seats and accommodation are available one the new tour.
  • Matching Pickup points might be unavailable or unsuitable.
  • Tour Options might be different between the start and end tours.
  • The tours might well be different durations and start on differing days.
  • Passengers might be insured and the insurer most certainly needs to know about the changes.
  • The prices of the start and end tours could be different, and who stands the difference.

All these are handled by the transfer process but with differing degrees of automation. T28 prompts for operator decisions along the way, but certain resources - particularly the booking options - might have to be manually removed prior to transfer and be re-assigned afterwards.

In any event, it is always good practice to print a confirmation before starting the transfer, using it as a reference to check the booking after the transfer has been completed.

Before starting the transfer, any tour options should be removed from the booking.  Select the passenger tab, click the Options View button and ensure all passenger options are unchecked.  This returns all options to stock.

The transfer feature is not shown on the Booking Form Toolbar so as not to invite operators to experiment!  Transfer Tours can be found on the Edit pull-down menu, and the transfer Form, shown below, offers brief details of the process and confirms the tour reference, tour title and departure date of the original tour for the current booking.  The user can then click the Select Tour button to choose the new destination tour for the outbound journey.  If the booking is on an Express Service or Shuttle Tour, then a tour has also to be selected for the return journey.

Once the correct receiving tours are shown, click the Transfer  button to start the process.  You will be informed if insurance has been removed - this will need to be added back for the appropriate passengers. T28 will add removed insurance to the Insurance Alterations file so it can be reversed out of the next declaration.  As passengers are re-insured, they will be recorded as new business on the next insurance declaration, for the correct premium, dates and geographic region.

Once the seats and accommodation have been moved to the new tour, the following message is displayed.

The booking should now be checked to ensure the pricing, pickup points and options are all correct.  Insurance should also be re-assigned to those passenger who require it. 

Note that Transfer will attempt to assign the same seat numbers but where this is not possible, the next available seats will be allocated.  This might require that passengers have to be moved manually using the Seat Swap function of the Tour Seating tab.

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