WebRes - How to sell t28\t3 tour options

WebRes - How to sell t28\t3 tour options


Prerequisite 1: Login to the CMS (admin) section of WebRes with your login details provided by Roeville staff. If you have any problems logging in then please contact the WebRes support team.


Within your t28/t3 system there is the ability to configure tour options. You can sell these options on WebRes, but in order to do so effectively they must be implemented efficiently.  Please note that the examples described below may not suit your requirements exactly and so we would advise trying this on a test tour before implementing it on a live tours. 

Tour Settings

The ‘Edit Tour Option’ screen in t28/t3 has a section for Web Settings, as seen below:

You can see from this screen that there is a box entitled ‘Web and Group Details’.  Here you will set the requirements to sell the options online.  Firstly, you must ensure that the Web On Sale box is checked; without this, the option will not appear on WebRes at all.



You have the ability to group several options together so that the customer can choose from a selection of options.  Following a previous example, you might have a group of several different theatre shows for the London trip.  Each group of options must have a unique name, and every option which forms part of this group must take the same name (e.g. ‘Shows’).  This name is entered into the text area labelled Group in the screenshot above.  You may now choose whether to apply the ‘mutually exclusive’ and/or ‘compulsory’ selections to the group by checking the relevant tick boxes:

  • Mutually Exclusive: The customer can select no more than one option from this group.  It is possible to select ‘none’, but one is the maximum.
  • Compulsory: The customer must select at least one option from this group.  More than one selection is possible, but the customer cannot select ‘none’.
  • Both ticked: The customer must select one (and only one) option from the group.  It is not possible to select none or more than one.
  • Neither ticked: The customer can select any number of options from this group, or even none at all.


‘Per Booking’ vs. ‘Per Passenger’ Options

There are two main types of options within t28/t3 (and consequently WebRes); those which are set against the booking, and those which are set against a specific passenger.  By default an option is set as a ‘Per Booking’ option; this can be changed in t28/t3 by checking the Per Pax Option tickbox shown above. 

Options which are set as ‘per passenger’ will appear on a separate screen on WebRes to those which are designated as ‘per booking’.   ‘Per Booking’ options which are set as ‘Accommodation’ under their Option Type will check the number of passengers travelling against the cumulative Size of the options selected to ensure that they are the same.  This is particularly useful for options such as overnight ferry cabins.

Note: that if Stock Control check box is disregarded by WebRes and is meant only for t28\t3


Appearance on the Web

Once the options have been set, they will appear on the Web according to the relevant setting during the booking process.  First, the customer will be presented with the ‘Per Booking’ options screen:

Note that the customer is instructed how to select their options.  In the screenshot above options in Group A have not had either Mutually Exclusive or Compulsory ticked, so the customer is told they can ‘select as many options as you require’, from none to three.

The options in Group B have had both Mutually Exclusive and Compulsory ticked, therefore the customer is told that they ‘must select only one’ from this group (and they are presented with radio buttons instead of tick boxes). 

This is important to remember: where Mutually Exclusive is ticked (therefore allowing only one selection from the group) the option group is presented with radio buttons so that no more than one option is permitted for selection.

Once the customer has fulfilled any requirements on the Booking Options screen, they are then taken to the Passenger Options screen, which displays any options / option groups which have been designated as ‘per pax’ options:

On this screen, the passengers are listed on the left, with the currently selected passenger highlighted.  The list of available options is given, and once selected they will appear under the passenger’s name in the ‘Chosen Options’ summary on the right of the screen.

In the screenshot above option group 1 has been set to Mutually Exclusive only, meaning that a maximum of one option can be selected from this group, although ‘none’ is also valid (the option for ‘none’ is created automatically by WebRes in this situation).

Option group 2 has been designated as Compulsory only, so the customer is informed that they ‘must select at least one’ option from this group. There is no option for ‘none’, and they cannot continue without selecting one or more from this group.


My options aren’t showing in the booking process - why?

In the t28\t3 option settings there is a field called ‘Stock’ as shown in the first screenshot which needs to be set to an initial value for availability to be shown on WebRes.  The ‘Sold ‘field increments automatically with every purchase of an option.  If, when a customer comes to purchase their options, the system can see that there are insufficient numbers left in the Stock, it will not permit them to select\will not show the option in the WebRes booking process.  If the option is compulsory, they will therefore be unable to book on the tour.


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