t3 routing - Create a duplicate point

t3 routing - Create a duplicate point

Move passengers to a duplicate pickup point


T3 routing supports moving passengers onto a duplicate pick up point so you can have two of the same points served by different coaches at different times.

In order to do this on your chosen route, find the point you want to duplicate and left click it to select. Once selected you will then see all the passengers that are to be picked up from that point. Right click on the passengers you want to move to the new point and select move to a duplicate point.

You will get a pop up asking: "Are you sure you want to create a duplicate point and move these passengers?" Click Yes. You will then get a second pop up asking you to name the new point. The name you give here will be added as a suffix to the existing name. Once you click Save, a new Point Group called Duplicate Points will be created. Your new points will be added here for you to assign to your routes.

Duplicated points are closed by default to prevent any new bookings on the duplicate.

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