t28 - Saving a mail list

t28 - Saving a mail list


It is possible to save any mail list, whether your full list or a filtered list so that it can be opened at a later date. You can also choose to save the list to formats not useable by t28 but which are the most common types of file used by external mailing houses.

To save a mail list press the Save button, the Export Criteria window, shown below, will be displayed.

The purpose of this window is to allow the user to decide which entries are to be included when the current mail list is saved, the default setting is for those entries with No SMS set to be included.

Once you have selected the criteria you require click the Export button. This will display the Save As window, as shown below.

Even though t28 will automatically name the file you should always give the file a name which describes its contents as an aide to identification at a later date. The Save as type determines the format of the saved file. The native file format for t28 is dBase tables (the default) and this must be used if you want to open the list within t28, however others can be selected by clicking on the list and selecting the required type, see below.

There are two other formats available, Comma Delimited (also known as Comma Separated Variable or CSV) and ASCII Plain Text. These are the formats most widely used by mailing houses, and are also easily imported into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and word processor packages such as Microsoft Word (CSV is ideal as the source for producing mail merge runs).

Please note - running a mail merge is beyond the scope of this document, if you use Microsoft Word please consult the help files provided by Microsoft for this program.


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