t28 data backup

t28 data backup


Keeping regular backups of your data is vital to protect against loss, coruption and deletion. With proper backups it is easy to restore your data in the event of such loss.

T28 provides a built in method of backing up your data. While logged into t28 go to File then Backup Data.

Once you have clicked on the Backup Data you will now see our Data backup window that will want to know what you want to backup.  By default the backup is set to All Data Files, but we would also recommend ticking the Report Layouts as well so that you have a backup off all your customised reports.

You will also be asked which t28 Data Set you wish to backup.  This will always point to the current data set that you are in and we don’t recommend that this is modified. Finally you will be asked Where to Backup and by default this will point to the local backup directory in the t28 install directory.  You can leave this as it is although we would advise that you change this to point to the backup directory that is stored on you server.

Once you have confirmed that all over the information above is correct then you can click on the Backup button to start the backup.


Once the backup is complete you will see the following window appear.  Clicking on the OK button will close this window and return you to the t28 desktop screen. You now have a current backup of your data, we recommend these backups are stored off site for security.

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