t28 file re-index

t28 file re-index


From time to time it is possible for an index file to fail and t28 is unable to automatically resolve. A problem with an index file can result in t28 having difficulty finding specific records or becoming slow and unresponsive. In this scenario the Data File Re-Index should be used.

During the file re-index it is important no other user is logged into t28. 

To perform the re-index go to Maintain, then click the Tools drop down menu and select File Re-Index

Once you have selected File Re-Index you will see the Data File Re-Index window.

From here you can re-index individual tables by highlighting the table name and clicking Rebuild, or re-index all tables by clicking Do All. Once you have re-indexed all the tables you will receive confirmation this has been completed.

Clicking OK will complete the File Re-Index.

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