t28 - Create a new user login

t28 - Create a new user login


In order to log in to t28, each user must have a User Account, comprising a user name, up to three letters Quick Reference, a group, and an optional password. The group enables access to be restricted to certain t28 features, as defined by the System Supervisor in the Settings Window.

The user maintenance can be found in Maintain, Users.

Users can be added or removed, and their settings can be viewed and amended.  To edit a user, simply double click on appropriate row in the List view.  Please note - you cannot edit yourself!

To add a new user click the New button.

Whether Adding or Editing a user, the same User Edit Window is used:

Note that the User Name is always shown on the caption bar (top left corner) of t28, along with the users access group.   The three character Quick Reference is shown on bookings, enquiries and payments to denote which user performed the action.

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