t28 - Insurance Rate Maintenance

t28 - Insurance Rate Maintenance

Add, amend or delete insurance bands


The Insurance Rate Table, found under Maintain --> Insurance, is a browser of the basic details for each band as shown below.

Bands can be added, amended, or deleted using the appropriate buttons.

Please ensure that bands are not in use before deleting them.

To edit an entry, either highlight it in the grid and press the Edit button, or simply double click on the appropriate row.

Adding or amending bands uses the same form as shown below:

The insurance band fields are as follows:

Band Description  
Band Name Two digit name for band - eg., EU for Europe
Number of Days Band duration in days. Note: Don't duplicate bands with the same price - t28 will automatically interpolate the next priced higher band.
Description                              Band description.
Premium Rates  
Selling Price Selling prices for adults, senior concessions and children.
Buying Price Insurance buying prices for adults, senior concessions and children.
  Note: T28 requires buying and selling rates to calculate IPT.


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