t3 accommodation overnights

t3 accommodation overnights

Setting up overnight hotels within a tour


In order to correctly setup overnight hotels within t3 you need to follow these steps. 

Please note that the hotel that shows as ‘MAIN’ cannot be changed to an overnight hotel and overnight hotels cannot be changed to become the main hotel.  If you do require to change the main centre then this can be done in the usual manner.

Within a tour double click on the accommodation window then select overnights.

You need to change the Main Centre to the correct arrival date by clicking on edit and setting the new arrival date and number of nights.

With the main hotel set for the correct arrival date and number of nights we can then add the overnights with the correct supplier, date and number of nights. Click the add button on the overnight stays window and enter the first overnight hotel. Repeat this until you have entered each of you overnight stays.

Until all the overnight hotels have been setup you will get a warning stating the number of nights does not match the tour duration.  This warning will stop once the overnight setup is completed.

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