Our Featured Websites

Slide 1For this redesign we worked closely with National Holiday's design company to implement a friendly and easy to use mobile version of the existing website. After agreeing on the design we then set to work on implementing the new design into our WebRes system that National Holidays use already. Although technically this was much more complicated than your average mobile website it was a very rewarding project to work on and we hope that National Holidays will see the benefit from this for years to come.Visit Website
Slide 2For this redesign we had to re-engineer how WebRes worked for Daishs to achieve the best possible online selling tool for their market. We had to wear a completely different ‘hat’ for this project to build a website that is geared more around Daishs core hotel business. We introduced a new concept that allows legend keys to be used for hotels as well as accommodating the board basis details. The new website is fully mobile\tablet\PC responsive throughout and shows what can be achieved with the core power of WebRes when ‘thinking outside of the box’.Visit Website

Our Customers WebRes Portfolio

Please feel free to browse around our portfolio of live customer WebRes sites below.