V3.05.655 - July 2016

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V3.05.655 - July 2016

Confirmation/Invoices - Balance Due Date


Balance Due Date in now output to the Confirmations/Invoices.


Drivers Rosters Reports


Done Time for Events is now output to the Drivers Rosters Reports.

Split runs on these reports are able to show just the outward address for outward split and return address for return split if required.


Private Hire Bookings - One Way Jobs


When selecting a One Way Job would the outward Journey Done time is now selectable.




Adding events that span more then one day will no longer produce an Error message.

List of jobs at the bottom of the Scheduler screen will now show the the Events with their assigned colours and the second run of a split run with its assigned colour.

Report Time and Done Time to be made available to schedule properties  so that they appear in the Tool Tips for the Time bars.


Scdedule Properties


Split runs in Driver View will not automatically  show as Conflicts unless detail are entered incorrectly.


Shell Settings


Fix to deal with different versions of windows and task bar size/position differences to stop the PH28 ini file shell size/position being reset when ph28 is closed whilst minimised.