v3.05.210 - October 2014

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v3.05.210 - October 2014

Bookings - Job Edit


The Job Edit form now has fields for job start and destination postcodes.  If supplied, this additional information will be transmitted to Don't Travel Empty to improve the accuracy of their geolocations.


Job Edit


Bookings & Quotes - Financial Tab


A PDF Viewer has been added to the financial tab of bookings Quotes.


        Booking PDF reprint


Default VAT Codes


These are automatically created on new installs.




Fixed a refresh issue where the details section could still show the remnants of a previous job on a day when the diary is empty.

Fixed an occasional but erroneous Data Lock warning when right-clicking to open an imported PH jobs.

Added the Don't Travel Empty Booking Id and Date sent columns to the Diary Configurator to be added at the users discretion.  These fields are only visible when DTE Support is enabled


Don’t Travel Empty Interface


Improvements to Don’t Travel Empty interface for leg return base plus added postcodes for improved plotting leg start and end points.


Email Covering Letters


PH28 checks for XML characters which may have been typed in the covering letters to prevent these characters causing issues when emailing out bookings, quotes and work tickets.


Email Preferred Tickbox


Fix for the Email Preferred tickbox not copying from the clients master record to new bookings and quotes


New Account Customers


These can no longer be set up without an account references.  There are also checks to ensure a default pickup point and default terms of business have been defined.


PDF Archiving


PDF archiving has been split into sub-folders to help finding archived PDFs quicker and easier.  Note that compound invoices will file in the folder of the first booing reference.


        Confirmations Sub folders




New Quotes browser which can search via account number or customer name.


        Quotes Searcher


Refresh the quotes browser as soon as a new quote is added.

The quote browser has the ability to mark a quote as lost.

          Lost quote


Adding a job the address details now come over in the same way as making a booking.

Adding a second job the address details get copied over from the first Job in the same way as making a booking.

To flag a quote status to Quoted when email is sent.

To flag a quote status to printed when a quote has been printed.

Stopped the ability to save empty quotes PH28 will check for name and phone or address line 2 before allowing to save.

Quote can now be cloned in same way as bookings.


        clone quote





A new (sub) contact facility for customers to denote the exact person who has requested a booking or quote.  Sub-contact includes name, department, location, email address and mobile number.  


        sub contact



The sub-contact will be available to the following documents:-





Work Tickets


Report Selectors


Fixed a bug which attempted to run reports which had been manually removed from the reports folder. This caused the program to hang.


RP28RCS Dynamic Library


A new RP28RCS Dynamic Library (DLL) has been built to prevent times on some reports showing with seconds.  This needs shipping with ALL PH, T28 and T3 updates.


Work Tickets


No longer need to be explicitly printed in order to email them as PDF attachments.