V3.05.603 - November 2015

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V3.05.603 - November 2015

Private Hire Bookings - Jobs


Private hire bookings now allow One Way Jobs to be created.


One Way Job


Confirmations - Last Invoice Reference


After a private hire booking has been invoiced  then a payment has been received a confirmation can now be printed which will show the invoice number for the related payment.


Sage Pay Payment Window


Added provision to Sage Pay payment window for card holder name and address.


Coach Hire Quote Window


Find Quote facility now active and working.

Adding a New Job - Creating quotes when adding a new job the departure time can now be entered.




Coach Hire Quotations Finder


Fix to enable 'Order By Name' to display quotes in customer name order.

Quotes list now a Has 'Notes' column which will indicate if the quote has notes with a 'Notes' message.




Notes Column - Move the cursor over the Has Notes column will now display the text entered in the Additional Notes field for Private hire bookings.

Events which repeat with the same time scales between each event can now be added.


Repeat Events


Diary Debtors Report


The Invoice reference is now output to the Diary Debtors reports method Debtors.




Bottom section to show the all assigned Job colours the same as the top section.


Scheduler bottom colours


Work Tickets - Additional Attachments


Additional documents can now be attached to work tickets when emailing them to the drivers.


Additional Documents work tickets emailing


Main Shell Expansion


PH28 main shell (main windows - Diary, Scheduler etc)  are now able to expand over multiple monitors.