V1.0.8 - 30th November 2018

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V1.0.8 - 30th November 2018


New Features


Searching a booking category has been implemented

Sent emails are audited

The internal 'Tennant admin screen' has been updated with new functionality

Security roles have been added for Drivers & Admins to gain access to the forthcoming 'Walk Around App'

Master reports have the ability to emailed, a new email button has been implemented

You can now toggle off the auto route timing feature for Quotes, Bookings and Contracts.




A fix has been implemented to ensure non-account customer emails are pulling through correctly

Phone numbers are being shown correctly for non-account customers

Address info is now being displayed correctly within the Quotes and Bookings section for non-account customers.

Some issues related to Pre-population of default payments, deposit options and quotes have been resolved.

Diary conflict issues have been resolved


Improving the customer experience


An improved vehicle facility icon picker has been implemented.

New icons have been added for any changes to quotes, bookings and contracts

Layout improvements and response tweaks for mobile devices (Tablets and Mobiles)

Current symbol in reports are automatically taken from the company settings

Improved the values within the Financial Summary Areas.

Cleared up the email settings screen, to assist with visual appearance

Upgrading of Angular to 6, the latest and most stable version.