v1.30 to v1.65

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v1.30 to v1.65

Version 1.65


Passengers at a pickup point

This version has a new window to show the passengers at a pickup point.  A point can be cloned and passengers can be moved to the new cloned point.  Each version of that point can then be applied to a route.


Version 1.60


Home Pickups

Home pickup points can now be shown and routed within the system.  Home pickup points have the same options as other point types.  Home pickup points that are not geo coded with lats/longs are plotted via their postcode and 1st line address.



Version 1.50



Routes with more passengers than physical capacity will now be highlighted in the route list.

Various warning messages when trying to assign passengers to routes that don’t have enough capacity.


Master Points

Points can no longer have their “type” changed after creation.


Route Builder

Users can now provide capacity and supplier information when building routes.

A warning message will be shown if users are trying to place too many passengers on a route in respect to its capacity.


Route Point Synchronisation with Webres

Status information is now shown when synchronising points to webres.



Version 1.40



The program now has the facility to switch off the automatic building of return routes.



Version 1.30



New costs tab added.  Tab shows budget per head, passengers, total budget, actual and actual per head.



New costs tab added.  Tab allows for two different types of cost, fixed and cost per mile.  Mileage is now displayed along with the total cost for the route.

Timings tab now allows users to order the points via Up/Down buttons.  Point departure time and stop duration can also be modified.

Program now handles return routes that are different than outward.  Although in this case return routes are not timed automatically.

Scheduled durations can now be set against w/c stops.



A warning box is shown if the interchange time is ’00:00’ when trying to apply timing information to a route.

A new queue has been implemented that logs all open/close changes for route points.  This is required for Webres to synchronise pickup point information.