v3.02.08 to v3.05.65

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v3.02.08 to v3.05.65

T3 - Version 3.05.65 – September 2011

New Features

New insurance voucher modifications as detailed in the job specification.

There is now the ability to restrict users to only selling tours for specific tour analysis groups.  In Maintain à Users à Username, access can be restricted to a specific group.


T3 - Version 3.05.60 – August 2011


Deleted clients in the mail list are now not shown through reserve when searching the mail list by surname or by postcode.

Seat plan sharing – When unsharing a seat plan if the save button wasn’t clicked the share would not have been cleared down correctly.  This has now been fixed.



When replicating a tour, if the original tour has any Tour Contract Items with a supplier assigned, the user will be prompted as to whether they want to keep the same suppliers for the new contract items.

Itineraries are now replicated during tour create if there was one on the original tour.

When redeeming gift vouchers a zero priced option is now added to the booking which shows the voucher number and value.

New Features

WebRes Promotional Codes are now available against individual tours.  A promotional code can be set up against a tour to last for a chosen duration to giving a predefined discount.

A notes section is now available in the Routing Application against Active Interchanges, Point Groups and Routes.  This is accessed via the properties section.



T3 - Version 3.05.57 – July 2011


A bug has been fixed which was preventing vouchers in the cash day book, which have been paid for by card, to be tagged when using the tag all function.  These had to be tagged manually.  Tag all will now tag all correctly.


A copy utility has been added to the tour services section.  Existing contract items can now be highlighted and replicated using the copy button.  This may be useful when setting up multiple entrances.

All tour services/tour contract items set up on a tour can now be printed out to the Tour Cover report.  Previously only coach, entrance, ferry and hotel would be output; missing cruise, rail and theatre.

New Features

A new drivers’ tour pack feature has been added to the services section and the batch tour reports section.  With this feature multiple tours can be chosen and the required reports can be selected, ordered and printed for each tour.

New checks have been put in place for bookings that require compulsory options.  Checks are carried out at the time of reserve however if a booking is transferred to a different tour, re-applying options could be missed.  A warning will appear if a booking is saved or if the skip buttons are used without having a compulsory option assigned.

Rooming lists can now be emailed to a secondary email address if the alternate contact details are completed on the defaults tab of a supplier.

Routing Reports – After printing the outward pickup lists a message box will appear on screen displaying the return dates to remind the operator to print the return lists.


T3 - Version 3.05.53 – June 2011


Tour Create

-When replicating tours with multiple overnights, only the main hotel was being replicated.  This has now been fixed and all overnight hotels are now being replicated correctly.

-The number of nights has been disabled when a day trip is created.

-Duplicate interchanges were being created under certain circumstances instead of using an existing instance.  This has now been fixed.

Customer History – If the client had no travel history the last travelled date was showing the current date.  This has now been rectified and will now show n/a.

The t3 configuration file has been moved into a database table from an .ini file to improve stability.



The Advance Booking Summary report can now be exported to Excel.  After closing the report preview a message box will then prompt the user to export.

New Features

Travel Club functionality has been added to the Marketing section of t3.

The Tour Profit and Loss report is now available to be printed from an individual tour.  With the required tour open this can be accessed from the reports drop down menu and selecting tour Profit and Loss.

The background work for the Starlight PMS interface is included in this version although nothing will be seen from a user perspective.


T3 - Version 3.05.4556 – April 2011


An adjustment to the filtering on the cash day book has been made so branch items now show correctly.  An issue was seen where branch vouchers were not appearing in the relevant cash day book.

A small change has been made with how t3 prints cancellation invoices and the agent‘s copy.  This is to fix an issue with the invoices not printing the cancelled passenger’s names and also not showing the refund that’s due to the passengers.



T3 - Version 3.05.456 – January 2011


A problem has been fixed which prevented the mouse wheel and cursor key scrolling on the tour finder.

The seat swap was preventing the swap if passengers were in both seats.  This has now been changed.

An issue with exporting the bordereau to Excel has been resolved.

An error has been fixed which occurred when booking options were being removed.

A fix has been implemented which would prevent seat plans from being changed.



A check has been added when running the insurance bordereau.  It should prevent the report failing if the insbord file does not exist.

A new delete function has been added to the discount rate maintenance.


T3 - Version 3.05.44 – December 2010


An issue with card charges on voucher payments has been resolved.

Little discrepancy with tour contract items not accounting for special pax type has been fixed.



T3 will now store the IPT rate against each passenger that purchases insurance.  A patch will apply the previous rate against all old bookings.

The insurance bordereau will now use the new IPT rate fields to calculate the IPT.

The user count has been modified to speed up login time.

An analysis code must now have a company selection.

Tour create will be prevented unless a tour analysis code has been selected.


T3 - Version 3.05.392 – 15 November 2010

New Features

Card number obfuscation. Only the first 6 and last 2 numbers will be readable

Tracing sundry insurance adding/removal

Tour performance export -  new faster way of running extract

Sundry card log entries - Now logs the SI ref and the full client name (e.g. Mrs X Xavier)


Voucher type maintenance - Only allows modification of the valid for months figure at present.

Voucher editing - expiry date calculation has been updated and now reloads the vouchers reflecting any changes made during the edit.

Report settings tab - rationalisation work on the itinerary tick boxes

PDF995 Config print function has been fixed

Insurance band selection – now has tick box

Cancellation - not to remove Voucher options

Option saving issue

Agent cash book number indexing - Count now advancing properly.



Improved tracking for Door to Tour bookings has been added.


T3 - Version 3.05.32/33 – 20 July 2010

New Features

A warning will now appear if a booking is transferred to a tour where the passenger’s pickup point is closed.

A warning has been included to the booking options to highlight if an insurance style option has been added with a zero buy price.

A trace has been added to track insurance changes.

The change case button has been added onto the address section of the enquiry and marketing windows.


The booking cost recalculates on a successful transfer.


T3 - Version 3.05.30 – 07 June 2010

New Features

The user edit window can now be sorted on the username, ref, branch and group columns.

The info button on a booking has been improved to now show the accommodation information, tour notes and tour itinerary.

Using the sundry sales, insurance items can now be applied to all passengers on the linked booking.

New setting under Nominal Ledger of System Settings. Take Full Cancellation Charge. The cancellation charge can be based on how much deposit has been paid.

The Ticket Note on a tour is now available to be output on the confirmation. (Will need report modification if required)

A new feature allows the printing of the WebRes itinerary page during confirmation printing.


The order of clients in the mail list has been improved.

An issue seen adding options to a booking through reserve has been fixed.

Using the AFD postcode search the house number and street were ending up on different address lines, the county was also being missed.  This has now been fixed.

A bug with transfers has been fixed where if the new seats were occupied the passengers would get left on the old tour.  Now if the required seats are not available the passengers are put into the next available seats.

A problem with confirming a new logon password has been fixed.

An error being caused by the old route swap allowing passengers to have a blank pickup point instead of showing non selected has been fixed.





T3 - Version 3.05.246 – 13 May 2010


A fix has been included to prevent an error being caused by adding a new company catalogue in the system settings.


T3 - Version 3.05.245 – 19 April 2010

New Features

A new stored procedure has been added to allow the batch printing of option list reports.



The initial searcher has been removed from the marketing window to speed up the load time.



T3 - Version 3.05.241 – 19 March 2010


A bug in reserve has been fixed where a hotel key was not always been written against a customer.

A slight issue with identifying the insurance band has been fixed.  This would only ever affect the XLS summaries, not the printed report.



T3 - Version 3.05.24 – 12 March 2010

New Features

Passenger list reports now have the departure date and number of nights output so a return report has the information available.



T3 - Version 3.05.23 – 11 March 2010


Voucher payments – T3 was using wrong information when trying to confirm a voucher payment and failing due to the integration of multiple service layers.


T3 - Version 3.05.22 – 09 March 2010


A bug on the booking window has been fixed where the agent name was not being displayed correctly in all instances.


T3 - Version 3.05.21 – 01 March 2010

New Features

Tour date and duration changes.  Through the tour settings it is now possible for users to change the date and duration of a tour

Route Swap.  Routes can also now be changed on an individual tour to either a new existence of a route of to share with another tour on an existing route.

Unused route hubs can now be removed from the system by the user through Maintain à Tools à Remove Unused Hubs.

Pickup points when deleted from the master list are now only flagged as ‘Not In Use’.  Points can then be added back into use if they needed at a later date.

Transfer Tours.  When transferring bookings, the list of available tours now only shows future tours.

Pickup Point Departure List.  A new report has been added to show all departures by date and pickup place.



A fix has been included to prevent any tour which has had seats sold on it from being removed.

Custom extracts should now check for the ‘save as’ path is correct before writing any information.

Cancelled bookings reports fixed where customer’s surname could become truncated.

Vouchers were being voided if the payment transaction failed.  This has been fixed.

Problem with incomplete information being saved into the mail list from the AFD window in the voucher screen.

Errors have been fixed when trying to select a supplier if no item in the tree view is selected.

An issue has been fixed where finalised tours sharing accommodation could not be un-finalised.

The system default route R is no longer shown on a tour where no route has been created.

The booking monitor has been fixed.  Previous year’s figures were a day out.

T3 - Version 3.05.11 – 01 October 2009

New Features

The Seat Plan Changer has been fully re-written. New plans are now checked against the old layout and the system will attempt to match seats automatically.  Any which can’t be matched – for example when the same seats don’t exist on the new layout – will require the operator to select new locations using the seat picker.  The seat picker has also been updated to give it a cleaner more modern look.

Sundry Sales – Insurance Vouchers can now be batch-printed in the same print run as the invoices.

Sundry Sales Daybook. There is now a sales report for Sundry Invoices. This is available from within system Wide reports.  Invoices can be printed for any chosen date range.

Year-on-Year Booking Comparison. The Booking Monitor – on Financial menu of the main T3 screen – has been enhanced to provide a comparison with the sales on the same day last year.  The structure of the monitor has also been enhanced to give a more detailed breakdown of sales.

Custom Procedures are now available from the Marketing Form (Mail List) and from the Accounting section of the System Wide reports.  Custom procedures can be crafted to client’s individual needs and serve up the results in Excel.  They are serious alternative to traditional reports and should be seen as the way forward for companies wanting to leverage more from the T3 database.  Please note that there will be a charge for custom written extracts over and above those provided with the system.  

The Insurance System has been reviewed and a number of improvements made, including the ability to produce Excel summaries of parts 1 and parts 2/3 of the bordereaux. We have also resolved some anomalies which were reported when removing the automatically applied insurance options from cancelled bookings.

The Supplier Information pop-up on the accommodation tree in the Tour Finder and Tour form has been re-written to handle multi-centre and progressive tours.  Hotels – including overnights - can also be viewed from a new button on the lead client tab of the Booking form.

Redeemed Gift Vouchers are now recorded in the Cash Daybook so they can be reconciled on the date of redemption.  Voucher details are printed on the cash daybook prints.  Please ensure all staff are in receipt of – and retain – vouchers. They should also check that the name on the voucher tallies with the lead client name on the booking to help avoid fraudulent or attempted duplicate redemption.  Once a voucher has been redeemed it can’t be used again in T3.

PDF Copies of confirmations. Very large numbers of documents can seriously impair performance when reviewing archived copies.  We have instituted a sub-folder system to divide the confirmation PDF files into manageable quantities – each folder will hold the documents (direct and agent) for up to 1000 booking references.  
When Version 3.05.11 is installed it is necessary to institute the folder hierarchy for past bookings and to copy over the PDF documents into the relevant sub-folders.  Please speak to Roeville support about this.  Failure to copy the documents will result in inability to view/reprint historical copies.

The Insurance Bordereaux form has been improved to remove unwanted clutter and to enable summary spreadsheets to be requested at print-time.  (The default state of this checkbox can be set in the System.INI file by changing ‘AllowInsExtract’ to yes or no.)

Custom procedure export file path can now be set in user defaults.  Number and date fields are no longer exported in text format – allowing them to be calculated and sorted.

Improved performance of the Tour Finder in reserve.

Improved performance of the Tour Profit & Loss reports.

Contract Exception Reports now have an “ALL” feature as well as booked or not-booked.

The cursor insert point in the Tour Finder now sets to the pickup location for Reserve.

The total number of clients in the Mailing List can now be seen in the bottom right corner of the Marketing form.


T3 - Version 3.05.10 – 17th September 2009

New Features

Stock-on-Centre is a new feature to allow room stock pooling on tours. It is particularly useful for companies operating tours to Euro Disney where the same type of room is sold to varying numbers of occupants at varying rates.  An information sheet on how to use the feature is available on request.

There is now a designation for Self Drives using a new checkbox on the Tour Settings form.  This is initially to alter the appearance of self-drive products on Webres where mention of coach seats in not appropriate.  It can also be used for filtering on tour availability reports.

The Insurance System has been reviewed and a number of improvements made, including the ability to produce Excel summaries of parts 1 and parts 2/3 of the bordereaux. We have also resolved some anomalies which were reported when removing the automatically applied insurance options from cancelled bookings.


The user set up form has been amended to prevent the same user initials from being re-used.

The Margin Calculation on tour P & L exports has been revised. Note that the Provisional Margin Estimate percentage is entered on the Systems Settings forms.

Sage Accounts Link files are no longer over-written by subsequent exports.

Password reset feature fixed.


T3 - Version 3.05.04 – 1st September 2009

New Features

There is a new checkbox on the Tour Settings form allowing Tours to be designated as “mystery”. This allows the accommodation information to be hidden from reservation staff to reduce the possibility of them disclosing the tour destination.  In System Settings there is a checkbox to enable the information in the Tour Finder for Reserve if you decide you would rather see it.  We are also outputting a flag to the Confirmation Invoices to allow hiding of accommodation information if required – this needs a report modification.


The passenger capacity for unseated tours has been raised from 200 to 1000.

Accommodation types have been widened throughout T3 from 8 to 10 characters to correct a mismatch with the extended accommodation descriptions (in Categories).

Fixed a bug where Accommodation Extra Options were not visible in reserve.

Improvements to the passenger edit and home pickup forms.

The t3 version details are now shown on the T3 Caption bar at the top of the screen.

Tour replication improved for tours with flights.  Flight dates to be improved in a future version.

Fixed a bug where option suppliers had to be re-selected after replication.


T3 - Version 3.05.02 – 14 August 2009


An error introduced in the last version relating to saving options has been fixed.

When clicking on the ‘New Booking’ button from within the tour, it will now show the Balance due message, if applicable.

An issue when printing an interim rooming list on a finalised tour which then unset the finalised status, has been resolved.

An error that occasionally appeared when using the right click on the hotel name has been resolved.

An error that appeared in the tour browser when selecting certain tours has been resolved.


T3 - Version 3.05.01 – 05 August 2009


An error introduced in the last version relating to saving options has been fixed.

When clicking on the ‘New Booking’ button from within the tour, it will now show the Balance due message, if applicable.

An issue when printing an interim rooming list on a finalised tour which then unset the finalised status, has been resolved.

An error that occasionally appeared when using the right click on the hotel name has been resolved.

An error that appeared in the tour browser when selecting certain tours has been resolved.



T3 - Version 3.05.00 – 29 July 2009

Batch Tour Reports

All batch reports can be now found in the System Wide Reports and then click on Batch.

New batch print reports for Pick up lists and Address Labels are now available.

Tour Services Browser and Tour Contracts

A new feature has been added, Tour Services Browser, which allows easy access to assign the individual tour contract items such as coaches, entrances, etc. This is accessed by pressing F11 on the main company window or using the file menu and then tour services. This features means you do not have to open and close every tour to add or amend the corresponding tour service items.

Two additional fields have been added so additional information can be recorded against a tour contract item. For example, when it is a coach contract item you could now record the Driver’s name and Mobile phone number. This information has been made available for the reports but will require modifications to relevant reports.

Tour Browser

Modifications have been made to the way that the browser works when using the pickup regions feature. When searching for a pickup point, under the region selection, an extra column shows which indentifies the exact match of tours that have the requested pick up on them. Any tours without a match are tours which are in the same region as the requested pick up point.

An extra warning message will appear when making a reservation on a tour that is less than the balance due date, to remind users to take the full balance.

Tour Status

A ‘Merged’ status has now been added under the drop down menu in the Tour settings.

A ‘Private Group’ check box has been added in Tour settings. This will identify a tour as a Private Group and can be coloured differently in the tour browser.

A ‘Mystery Tour’ check box has also been added in Tour settings. This will hide hotel information when using the ‘Reserve’ browser. The confirmation will need a report modification to hide the hotel information when this flag is checked.

A ‘Tour in Build’ status has been created which allows tours to be created and as long as the ‘in build’ is ticked these tours will not appear in the reserve browser. They will appear in the tour browser because it’s the only way of getting back to them! The new booking button is also disabled on tour classed as ‘In Build’.

Letter Editor and Notes Boxes

These have all been enhanced and now have the facility of text wrapping. This will stop any extra carriage returns being used which will then in turn make reports and letters look as though they are formatted correctly.

The length of the document name within the Editor has been increased to 25 characters.


The old Mail List window has been replaced with the new Marketing section. The searching is now enabled Surname and Postcode. The delete facility marks customers for deletion and these can be shown or hidden by the check box. Customers that have been marked from deletion can be removed from the system by using the purge deleted customers facility.


The facility has been added to change the supplier on a contract that has no Line items assigned against it. This will solve any incorrect selections of the supplier.


The warning messages have been added if you do not take a phone number or email address.

Voucher System

When paying for a gift voucher and you click the cancel button on the payment window, the voucher will be voided.

A voided voucher can now not be printed.

The Printed date is now displayed and if you reprint a voucher the word ‘Duplicate’ can show on the voucher. Report modification will be needed to show this.

Bespoke Reporting

We now have the facility to generate specific reports for your particular company. There are two areas where we can call a stored procedure and produce the results directly in an excel format. These areas are in the system wide reporting in both General and Financial. This is all in addition to the custom marketing extracts that are already available within t3.


Addition functionality has been added to the Agent Maintenance so you have the ability to record against a particular agent whether or not they are approved to sell you insurance. This is done by ticking the box marked ‘FSA Approved’.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to put insurance on an agent booking unless the FSA Approved check box is ticked against the particular agent.

Before this release using the ‘Transactions’ button from within Agents would only give you the option print the agents transactions. This has now been modified so that it produces a list of bookings to view on screen. The ability to still print the transactions is still there and is done from this window. When printing you can select a booking date range rather than printing all the bookings.


Addition information is now available for Group confirmations enabling the basic prices to be shown. An amendment of the group confirmation report you are using will be required to show this, just call our support department to do this for you.

There is now the ability to hide the hotel information from confirmations if the tour is designated a mystery tour.

Seating Plans – the tour notes are now available to be printed on this report. As with the confirmations, a report change is needed to show these.

An additional Booking Reconciliation report is now available in the Finance section of system wide reports. The selection criteria for this report is the actual date of the booking whereas the existing report works from a tour date range.

Customer History

Addition information is now recorded and updated which includes the reservation types and also agent information.

Tour Performance Report

The two tour categories are now shown on the excel export report, after the margin column.

An error when calculating the cancelled insurance options has been fixed.

Web Discounts will now appear in the Discounts column.


An additional passenger type has been added ‘Everyone’. This was mainly for the web as the booking process within Webres has been enhanced to deal with options correctly.

Enhancements have been to the way options calculate the sold figures and therefore the box has been made read only. Effectively what happens is that when a tour is opened, the system checks the sold figure matches against the options from the actual bookings on the tour and automatically corrects itself. There is now no way that that the sold figures can be incorrect thus making availability in reserve always accurate.

There is now a new Option Type of ‘Accom Extra’. This has been added to allow the facility of assigning specific options against Accommodation Options. An example of this is where Accommodation options are used for ferry crossings but you also need to assign a meal package to the passenger and it needs to appear on the cabin list.

Flight Options have now been enhanced. Airport IATA codes can now be set up in Categories. This then allows the individual flight options to have the relevant departure airport, date, time and flight number recorded along with its arrival details the other end.

Enhancements have been made to the ‘Compulsory’ and ‘Mutually Exclusive’ check boxes. This is to avoid confusion as they require something to be entered ‘Group’ box before they actually function.

When issuing ‘Ad Hoc’ options, you can only apply a discount to a booking (negative amount) if you have sufficient security options checked.

Resort and Region Maintenance

A search facility has been added to both Resorts and Regions so that places can be easily found.

The way that these points are added and amended has been altered as users were finding the original control difficult to use.

Master Pick up points

A search facility has been added when looking for a master pick up points.

Progress Bars

These have been added when running reports so that you know t3 is actually generating the report and not giving the impression of ‘hanging’.


The size of the Insurance Certificate field has been increased to a maximum of 25 characters

The Own Insurance information has also been increased in size.

Within Maintain, where you set up the Insurance Bands, this has been modified to prevent two bands being set up with the same name for the same duration. This caused problems when trying to run the tour performance reports.

There is now a feature to generate Summary Information, in excel, when printing the insurance bordereau. This needs to be activated if you wish to use it, within the system ini file.

An issue where Sundry Insurances sales were not appearing on the Bordereau has been resolved.

A Batch Print facility has been added to the Sundry Insurance system.

The ability to export the Insurance Bordereau to excel has been added.

An issue with Insurance type options not showing correctly has been fixed.

A problem where the Insurance buy and sell prices where showing incorrectly in the cancellation and adjustments section of the bordereau, has been fixed.


There has been preparation work done in the background databases in this release ready for the new create system that will be released in a later version. This includes several redundant fields being removed from some database tables.

The offset number column has been increased to allow the offset numbers up to a maximum of 999.

Audit Trail

We now log when a tour is finalised and un-finalised.

We now log when a pickup point is changed on a booking.


A dynamic memory low error when running tour reports has been fixed.

An issue that required the re-selection of the supplier when using the flight options has been fixed.

When transferring a booking and selecting to use pricing on the new tour, the single room supplement did not get updated. This has now been fixed.

There is now the ability to abort out of a booking by using the top ‘X’ in the passenger window. This only caused an issue if you are forcing the checking of pickup points.

An issue when making payments against vouchers where the payment was not showing in the correct branch cash book has been fixed.

A fix has been made to stop a room type being changed if there is something sold against it.

An issue when selecting an insurance band in the Sundry invoicing section, which was showing incorrect prices, has been fixed.

An occasional error when re-sizing the tour browser has been resolved.

An issue during log on where by entering the wrong username and then clicking cancel, it allowed you into a dataset. This has now been resolved.

A bug when using the change seats from within a booking has been fixed.

A bug within the booking status’ where a ‘Web Unchecked’ showed incorrectly in the tour has been fixed.

A bug that allowed you to make a reservation through reserve with not correctly selecting a pick up point has been fixed.

An issue where the wrong agent could potentially be selected when making reservations has been fixed.

An issue when transferring bookings and selecting to use the prices on the new tour, where the single room supplement was not being changed, has been resolved.


T3 - Version 3.04.386 – 18 June 2009

FSA Approved Agents

Addition functionality has been added to the Agent Maintenance so you have the ability to record against a particular agent whether or not they are approved to sell you insurance.


A new feature has been added which now allows custom written procedures to be run directly from t3 rather than through database by Roeville.


A bug that would not display pickups correctly from the tab within a tour has been resolved.

A bug within the Sundry Invoicing system, relating to incorrect insurance band prices when selecting the correct band, has been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.04.385 – 13 May 2009


Vouchers. An issue with card payments has been resolved.


Insurance Bordereau. A few more minor fixes to get the correct information from the Sundry Sales system including the booking reference to the insurance report



T3 - Version 3.04.384 – 08 May 2009

Insurance Bordereau

An issue that prevented any Sundry Insurance Sales appearing on the Insurance Bordereau has now been fixed.


Routing. An occasional issue where the return interchanges were automatically generated as the outward routes are built, is now resolved.


Passengers within a booking. If your system forces the selection of pick up points, you can’t get out of the window if you just want to get out without changing anything. This has now been resolved as the cross in the top right of the window can be used as an abort, which will not save any changes that you have made.


An issue with room stocks on transfers has been resolved.


Booking Stats reports. A dynamic memory low error when running this report for long ranges has been fixed.


Create or Replicating Tours. An error when creating new tours or using the replicate method has now been resolved.




T3 - Version 3.04.38 – 20 April 2009


An enhancement to the voucher system now enables you to override the default value and type your own amount, when issuing vouchers.

Transferring Bookings

A warning box has been added, that will pop up if you try to transfer a booking to a tour that has already departed.


The transfer process will now be stopped if there are insufficient accommodation stocks on the new tour.

Rooming List Status report

A new report has been added so you can report on the status of tours and whether or not they have had a rooming list printed or not. It can also state whether it is an Interim or Final rooming list.

Accommodation Logging

This has been enhanced, currently it only traces when you open or close the accommodation window within a tour. It will now record, in the audit trail, the exact change whether it be type, size, stock, sold, supplement or prices. It will show the original value and the new value.

Passenger Edit Window

Modifications have been done to this window:

a.Dining fields are only available when the Cruise Requirements check box is ticked in the tour settings. The Dining field was only added in to be able to record the information for meal sittings on a cruise. All hotel special requests should still be put in the hotel request box.

b.Insurance Certificate Field. This has been extended to 25 characters so that own insurance certificates numbers can be recorded better

c.Own Insurance field. This has been modified slightly so it is clearer to see that you can actually have multiple lines of text.


A fix has been applied to tour settings so that when the tour type is a day excursion, the shared accommodation and own price fields are not useable. This is because they are not applicable to day excursions and it was causing an issue with Webres which is now also resolved.


The Dining field has now been output to the rooming list report. Your relevant Rooming lists report will need amending to show the information.


Further work has been done on the rooming lists to show all passengers. There were instances when two or more passengers, with the exact same name, only appeared on the rooming list once. This has been fixed.


Batch printing. Itineraries have now been added to the batch printing facility.


Batch printing confirmations, some changes have been made to try and prevent the batch print queue from crashing when sending the queue to the printer.



T3 - Version 3.04.37 – 31 March 2009

Itinerary Printing

Functionality has now been added so that you can print any itineraries that have been set up. These can be printed in several different ways, any of which can be set up:

a.For customers with every confirmation

b.For customers by selecting specific customers

c.For drivers by one itinerary for the driver

d.For drivers by Batch Printing

Tour Contracting

When printing the reports, the selection input criteria has been modified so that you can select all suppliers, within a particular type, or just an individual one.


When adding or copying a Tour Contract item, the highlighted line now stays on the new record rather than jumping to the top of the list.

Coach Miles Redemption (The UK Holiday Group only)

An issue preventing the redemption of the coach miles stamps, has been resolved.


An issue preventing the accommodation board basis not showing correctly on the client confirmation has been resolved.

An error that was generated when printing the Insurance Declaration has been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.04.36 – 23 March 2009

Regional Routing

Further development has been made with the pickup points where the program can now support regionalisation. This means that pick up points can be assigned to a region and therefore when searching for tours with a particular pick up point, we can also find and identify all other tours within the same pickup point region.

Forcing Pickup Points on bookings

t3 by default, through Reserve, makes you select a pick up point first but when adding passengers to an existing booking or using the New Booking button from within a tour, it is possible to not allocate a pick up point to these passengers. Additional features have been added which will now force the selection of the pickup points in every situation. This should prevent no bookings slipping through without every passenger having, at least, an outward pickup point.

Ferry Lists

These have been altered to pick up the relevant ferry information from the Ferry Contact item assigned to that tour. Your particular ferry report will need slight modification to show these details.

Rooming Lists / Batch Print Rooming Lists

Further enhancements have been made to the procedures that create the rooming lists. This should finally resolve the issue relating to tours where there are two or more hotel centres. It also now deals with accommodation type options (i.e. printing cabin lists)


An issue with some insurance vouchers being printed, when not asked for, has been fixed.


Within the in the Batch reporting window, an issue where not all the tours where showing as been fixed. The order of the tours has been set to the tour reference number.



T3 - Version 3.04.35 – 11 March 2009

Changing Coach Plans

An issue that caused errors after a coach seat plan had been changed have been resolved. There will be certain restrictions that will prevent seat plans being changed when there are different seat numbers on the new plan. This can be resolved by swapping the relevant passenger seats before the coach plan is changed.

Seat Allocation

A new feature has been added to allocate a coach and seats to tours that were originally created as a seat plan ‘NONE’. This facility allows you to add coaches and then split the bookings up onto the different vehicles. Training will be required before using this feature and must always be used carefully.

Cancelled Bookings report

A new report has been created just showing bookings which have been cancelled, including whether they were provisional or not.

Tour Performance

Another enhancement to the Excel export report now includes a column showing the basic cost prices.


An issue when printing confirmations showing incorrect hotel details on tours with more than one hotel has been resolved.

An issue when checking the phone number in the reserve process has been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.04.34 – 05 March 2009

Tour Performance

Further enhancements to the Excel export report as it was not taking into account certain insurance amounts when tours are set inclusive insurance or how to work out the IPT correctly. This is now fixed.

Cancellation Insurance options were not taken into account either and this is now resolved.


T3 - Version 3.04.33 – 28 February 2009

Voucher System

An issue where the ability to print a voucher would not work when clicking on the print button. This has been rectified.


Additional tools have been added to the Marketing feature on the export routines and a potential timeout issue has been resolved


T3 - Version 3.04.32 – 25 February 2009

Rooming Lists

This has been enhanced now to take into account tours with more than one centre, so the rooming list prints correctly – not doubling certain sections up.

The Accommodation type options are also now sent out to the report. We may need to amend current Rooming List reports to pick up all the extra details now available.


Marketing. Work has been completed on the Extract 2 facility and training is required by Roeville to your staff dealing with Marketing to explain/show how it all works.


Tour Summary reports. Additional selection criteria has been added so the report can be filtered down to users specific requirements


A bug that was causing issues when showing the number of passengers sold on the tour browser, when the tour was set up with a seat plan ‘NONE’ has been fixed.

T3 - Version 3.04.31 – 23 February 2009

Sundry Invoicing

A new financial tab has been added to show both the pay trace and the transaction log. Other fixes have also been applied so that relevant information can now be shown on the client confirmations.

A bug that stopped the issuing of insurance vouchers has now been fixed.


A bug that was introduced preventing the emailing of a rooming list has been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.04.30 – 19 February 2009

Seat Allocation

A facility has now been added to t3 so that the tours that are built with a seat plan ‘NONE’ can be allocated. This is done by adding the correct amount of vehicles to accommodate all the passengers and then allocate the relevant bookings to seats on that vehicle. Full training will be given please call to arrange.


An enhancement has been made to the hotel supplier when allocated to a particular tour. This now gets its name directly from the Supplier table. If the hotel is not correctly assigned to the tour it will say TBA – just re-select the relevant hotel to reset the links.


T3 - Version 3.04.27 – 17 February 2009


A bug that was stopping the tour options from opening has been fixed.

A bug within the File re-index routine has been fixed.

Pick up List – The postcode of the actual pickup point has now been output so that this can appear on the Pickup List (request for sat navs!).


T3 - Version 3.04.26 – 16 February 2009

Booking Counter

A daily booking counter showing the total number of passenger booked today, since midnight, is now included on the right hand side of the menu bar. It automatically refreshes every ten seconds to give an update no of passengers booked so far today.

Tour Performance / Profit and Loss Reporting

The first version of this was released in an earlier update. This is now the completed and if you use the excel export version, you can see a separate column for each individual type of supplier.

There are ten user defined columns and against each supplier you can elect which column you wish to see the figures in. The column headings can also be titled and this can be done from within the maintain window.


Accommodation Window. If an Accommodation contract is assigned to a tour, the relevant reference now shows in the accommodation window within the tour, showing the contract reference number first and the relevant line item second (i.e. 1234:456)

Room Sales Statements. You can now select an individual hotel as well as all hotels for a given date range.

Daily Booking Sales Monitor. Modifications have been made so that there are now totals showing in the window. You can now also see how many Web bookings have made. Please be aware the direct booking figure also includes these web bookings.


Company Selector Window. Adding a new company can be done through this window now, without us having to change it manually for you in the database.


The bug preventing accommodation details showing on the confirmation has now been fixed. Your confirmation layout may need tweaking, please speak to our support team for help.

The Seat Availability report selector now defaults the date to the current month and not a full year.

A bug when using the AFD window within the marketing section and the voucher system has been fixed.

In the detailed Profit & Loss report a bug has been fixed so the correct status is now picked up. A second bug has been fixed where cancelled insurance option costs were appearing both in the insurance totals and Tour Options totals.

A bug that was preventing the adding of new Resorts or Regions has been fixed.

A bug with Branch cashbooks has now been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.04.25 – 05 February 2009

Booking Sales Analysis

This has been enhanced, not only to analyse how many bookings are made in a date range, but also to see what bookings have been made for a departure date range. (I.e. bookings made today for travel in the next two months). This is under System Wide Reports, Statistics and the report is called Booking Statistics – Daily Analysis.

Marketing Feature

The whole new Marketing section is now included and temporarily is on the file drop menu. This sub-system allows you to define Sales Regions and these regions are made up of Post Code areas. This then enables you can do specific marketing and data extractions for that particular area.

Extracts can be run and are automatically exported into an excel file. When the export criteria are set for one region, it can then be saved so, if required, the same criteria can then easily be applied to another region.

The customers on the mail list can also be edited from here. There is also a delete feature which only marks a client for deletion rather than removing them forever!

Simple mail extract tool is included (Extract 1 button) which allows you to select a region and then clients and their history based on a date range of date travel and a range of enquiry.

A more enhanced extract feature (Extract 2 button) is currently in development and will be completed shortly which allows a much more in depth data mining of your clients and their history.


T3 - Version 3.04.24 – 29 January 2009

Daily Booking Sales Monitor

On the Financial menu, where the cash books are, there is a little booking monitor which allows you to see what bookings have been made on the system since midnight. If you use the Branch facility in t3 then it also allows you to see what sales each particular office has made.


A fix to routing side of t3 to stop any errors when bookings are being made via the Webres.

A fix so the Booking Analysis reports run correctly.


T3 - Version 3.04.23 – 27 January 2009

Tour Performance / Profit & Loss Reporting

A whole new section has been added, to take advantage of the new technologies t3 brings, on Profit and Loss reporting. The new method splits out individual items on to a printed report (limited columns) or an excel spreadsheet (with more detail). This includes individual columns for all the different supplier types, showing the fixed/variable costs that are assigned to each tour. You can elect which column certain supplier types appear in and this is maintained from within the suppliers section in Maintain. Please let us know if you would like some training.


To identify bookings that were originally made with inclusive insurance but the tours have been changed to normal insurance.

Changes to the Insurance Bordereaux to take into account the changes made when the inclusive insurance was switched off tours which already had bookings on them.

Sundry Sales invoice reference number now shows on the booking that it is linked to.


T3 - Version 3.04.22 – 23 January 2009


Fix to the accommodation pricing when tours have more than one centre.

A small fix to show the correct sold and available figures in the tour browser, when tours are set up with seat plan NONE.


T3 - Version 3.04.21 – 22 January 2009


Changes made within t3 to help solve a WebRes related issue to do with routes on tours set up with point to point routing.

Modifications to the seat swap and transfer methods, to stop certain id fields from being blanked out. This should help stop problems with rooming lists and certain other passenger related reports not printing correctly.


T3 - Version 3.04.20 – 20 January 2009

Cancellation Booking Summary

A new Cancelled Booking Summary report has been added to the financial section of the reports.


A further fix to the Sundry Sales with additional question boxes added when editing a sundry invoice.

Modifications to the payment window in Sundries to take into account the payment types set up in security.

Change in Create and Tour settings to remove the ‘Ticket included in Fare’ check box, as this is no longer needed in t3.




T3 - Version 3.04.11 – 13 January 2009

Agent Statements Summary

A new Agent Statements Summary report has been added. This is in addition to the Agent Statements, which list all the individual bookings. This new report is a summary of these totals.


A series of minor fixes to the Sundry Invoicing section, including stopping the address from being blanked out and problems with saving new invoice.

New invoice searcher facility within the Go To button in Sundry Invoicing.

Modifications to the report methods that print the sundry invoices and insurance vouchers.

An increase in the field size of the notes section of a supplier.


T3 - Version 3.04.01 – 23 December 2008out

Memo Cash System

There has been an issue with the memo cash payments not being cleared off when actual payments are received. This has now been resolved. When this update is applied, Roeville will do some work with your data to clear off any memo cash that should have been dealt with.

This update will automatically reconcile the memo cash payments against actual agent payments provided that the agent payments are processed through the Agent Batch Payments section. If you need clarification on this then please do not hesitate to contact us.


There has been a fix within payments as the suggested amount, could occasionally, be incorrect as it was not calculating properly if there were tour override settings within that tour. This is now fixed.


T3 - Version 3.03.13 – 19 December 2008

Agent Aged Debt

A new feature has been added which reports on the Agents Aged Debt. It will work out and age both the deposits and the balances. The current report show them all combined but it could be extended to show the aged debt of the deposit amounts and the balance amounts separately.




T3 - Version 3.03.12 – 08 December 2008

Sundry Invoicing

Further enhancements have been made to the initial Ah Hoc Sales feature that was added in Version 3.03.03. This is mainly for selling insurance to passengers outside of the actual booking, i.e. for when an agent booking cannot sell your insurance but the client still requires it.

The Insurance works directly from the Insurance Bands set up in t3 and when selected the passenger type, band and number of days it will automatically calculate the sale amount. You will have to add an insurance item for as many times as there are passengers. This is due to the fact that you need to record the insurance sale against a particular passenger name for the Insurance Bordereau and Insurance Company purposes.


T3 - Version 3.03.11 – 27 November 2008

Discount Scheme

There is a now a report that can be printed to see what discounts were applied on a particular day or range of dates, working off the booking date.


An extra facility has been added within suppliers to be able group them together under an owner account. (E.g. Britannia Hotels can all be assigned to the head office as an owner account.) Additional requirements that may need to take advantage of this feature, i.e. reports, are still being worked upon. (We are open to recommendations to assist with the development of this area)


There is a fix included relating to the insurance vouchers. It was not taking into account transfers and cancellations.


T3 - Version 3.03.10 – 26 November 2008

Discount Scheme

There is a new feature which allows a Discount Scheme to be created (or multiples) and automatically assigned to bookings

There are two types of discounts

a)Fixed amount (£) that can either be assigned as a per booking or a per passenger reduction

b)Variable amount (%) discount that can either be against basic tour cost or total tour cost


Discounts can be applied in various different ways

a)Tour departure date range

b)Booking date range

c)Against a tour category

d)Analysis Code

e)This will be expanded in a future release to include ‘Special Promotion Tours’ and/or specific tours


T3 - Version 3.03.09 – 17 November 2008

Letter Editor

This has been changed so that different documents can be grouped together. This is much more user friendly and makes it easier when adding documents.

The different types of documents are categorised as follows:

a.Selected Customer Letters from within a tour

b.Cancellation Letters

c.Tour Itineraries

d.Travel Documents

e.Rooming List Notes


Tour Itineraries

Itineraries can now be set up and assigned to the tour. They are set up in the Letter Editor and then within the settings of the tour you can assign the relevant itinerary. Once an itinerary has been assigned to the tour then a button will appear at the bottom of the tour window between ‘New Booking’ and ‘Close’ which allows easy viewing.


An error that was happening when trying to add Lead Sources has been fixed.

An error when using the single search facility has been fixed.

An error when clicking on Enquiry button has also been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.03.08 – 11 November 2008

Tour Browser

A column has been added to the tour browser which shows the basic holiday cost against the tour.

The seat plan column has been moved to the end column on the right hand side.


An issue with cloning routes has been fixed.



T3 - Version 3.03.07 – 10 November 2008


A small change has been made in attempt to identify the issue relating to certain users not being able to do things when others with the same security level could.

A bug that was introduced, in a previous version, in the reserve process has been fixed.

Tour P & L reports ignore any archived bookings. This has caused problems when tours have been archived and tour codes re-used.

A fix is included so that tours with multiple centres pick up the relevant selling prices per centre.

A fix is included which resolves an error which was happening when adding passengers to an existing booking.

A change has been made to try and stop ‘Ghost’ passengers appearing periodically. This was happening during the add passenger routine but very intermittent.


T3 - Version 3.03.06 – 29 October 2008


The facility has been added to take a client address on an agent booking. In the agents setup there is a tick box if you wish to take client home address for that particular agent. When the booking is made the clients address details can be taken and saved to the mail list whilst the booking is still assigned to that agent.

Mail List

Delete facility has been re-instated on the mail list window. Please note: delete does exactly what it says on the button and the client record in the mail list is deleted.

Web Browser Changes

The facility has been added so that one company dataset can link to different WebRes sites from the tours depending on the analysis codes. This will need modifications by Roeville when the update is applied.


The filter boxes at the top of the tour browser can be hidden now. This is done by making the category title blank on the report settings window.

Changes to where the accommodation picks up it room names has changed and there is a fix included to sort out rooming lists that were not showing the correct room types.

Tour Brower now shows the day of the week on the Departure date.

‘Finalised’ now appears on the tour window, when a tour has been finalised. This is in addition to it showing on the booking window.


T3 - Version 3.03.05 – 13 October 2008

Insurance Vouchers

A new feature has been introduced which can be set against a tour to automatically issue an insurance voucher against a booking which has insurance. This feature was requested to replace the inclusive insurance, which under FSA regulations can no longer be offered from 01 January 2009.

Additional features, relating to the insurance vouchers are included to void vouchers if bookings/insurance is cancelled. Also if a booking is transferred the vouchers are transferred with the booking.

Pick up Analysis

A new report has been added that will identify the number of passengers at a given pick up point for a particular date range.


Several fixes have been made to fields in the database tables. This is all to enhance the integrity of the tables and efficient optimisation working of t3.

An error caused when using the Insurance apply to all tick box has been fixed.

A bug relating to Group confirmations (agent copy), where the accommodation was being double up, has been fixed.


T3 - Version 3.03.03 – 02 October 2008

Ad Hoc Invoicing

A new feature has been introduced to allow the additional sale of third party items, predominately for selling insurance outside a booking. This facility allows you to select a client from the mailing list and issue them insurance and then raise a separate invoice. Note: This is still in the early development stages and will be enhanced as updates continue to be issued. We are working towards this feature being able to sell other items that do not necessarily need seats or accommodation (e.g. ticket or flight only sales)

Accommodation Sharing

Accommodation sharing. The facility has been added to allow individual selling prices on each tour that has accommodation shared.




A button has been added to the reserve window that allows you to access the webpage for that tour on WebRes.


When removing a cancelled insurance option from a booking, it did not write to the insurance declaration correctly. This is fixed.

Agent sales reports have the extra date range picker now put back on.


T3 - Version 3.03.01 – 29 September 2008

Booking Reconciliation

A new Booking Reconciliation report is available, excel exportable also, which will list individual booking details depending on the dates selected.

Home Pick Ups

T3 now has the facility to handle Home Pickups. These are assigned against the passenger in the Passenger Edit Window and follow the prompts.


In tour creation when putting a tick in the ‘Own Ins Info Req’d’ box it was not saving once the tour has been created. This is now fixed.

Also in tour creation if something was typed in the status box it would disappear once the tour has been created. This is fixed.

Using the AFD button when adding customers to the mail list did not work correctly. This is now fixed.


T3 - Version 3.02.099 – 16 September 2008

Accommodation Contracting  

Assigning a contract to a tour now brings in the room type, stocks and prices from the contract item.  This will only happen where no passengers have been booked on the tour to prevent real data from being over-written.
Note that this has involved unifying room types from the category system and the contract supply types.  Accommodation records from the category table should ideally be transferred to the accommodation types table before the new feature will operate correctly. Future accommodation type maintenance can be done from categories or contracts – whichever is most convenient to the user.  
This enhancement has enabled us to show the extended accommodation description in the Accommodation Viewer in Tour and Reserve.

Tour Replication now replicates tour inventory items (tickets, coaches etc) as per the donor tour.

A Resort column has been added to the Supplier Finder to help identify suppliers by region.

A Fixed or Variable cost checkbox has been added to tour inventory items. These now multiply costs into the correct columns on the Tour

Brochure Print

A Brochure Type selector has been added to enable brochures to be printed by brochure type. This is especially useful when brochures are being fulfilled regionally.


Tour Create – Pickup Route Selection

Selection of route codes for Line of Route operations was slowing down the opening of the Create Window and selection was becoming more difficult as the number of routes increased.  We have now added a dedicated Route Picker to resolve these issues and simplify route code searching.

Balance Due Reports

The criteria selector has been changed to enable bookings to be selected by booking date and tour departure date ranges. Please note this report will not pick up any balance outside of the balance due parameters set up in system settings.

Agent Statements

The agent commission is now available gross or Nett of VAT for Agent Statements. Please note that customised reports will require modification to pick up these changes.


A prominent flag has been added in the Booking window to show if the tour itself is cancelled.

Tour Finder

A checkbox has been added to allow the user to decide whether or not to show cancelled tours in the tour browser.


T3 - Version 3.02.093 – 20 August 2008

Cancellation Summary

A new report is now available which is a summary of all the bookings cancelled between a specific date ranges.



Password Security

There are now enhanced features relating to passwords when logging into t3. These are in three different levels.


Card log – Credit Card reporting

A revised card log report is now available for monitoring the credit/debit cards processed through t3 & WebRes.


T3 - Version 3.02.09 – 15 August 2008


Changing Passengers Seats – Seat Swap

There is now a new facility to change seats from within a booking. From the booking you can only change a passenger seat to an empty seat. To swap seats with another passenger has to be done at tour level, as you have always been able to do.


Agent statements

Modifications have been made to the agent statements so that every booking can be listed rather than just the bookings that are due now.


T3 - Version 3.02.083 – 05 August 2008


Terminal Services

T3 now supports Terminal services so that users can have their own defaults as they would in a normal workstation environment.

Fixed and Variable Pricing

Tour contracting items such as coaches, guides, ferries etc now have the facility to assign a fixed price or variable price against each item on each tour. These figures will now appear correctly in the Tour Performance and Profit & Loss reports

Email & Faxing Rooming Lists (Specific Fax software required for faxing)

We now have the ability to email a rooming list directly from t3 to the hotel supplier. This will be in a PDF file and they are saved to a specific location for easy recall from within t3.

Exception Reports

There is now a report available to be able to show which specific tour contract items have been booked and which are unbooked.




T3 - Version 3.02.08 – 31 July 2008


Branch Facility

A new feature for your own offices to be logged in under their own ‘Branch’. This works different to agents.

Each user is assigned to a ‘Branch’.

Each Branch has its own Cashbook and reprint facilities.