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New Features

Wirecard integration - Wirecard is now available as an alternative payment method to Verifone.

Booking accommodation check. - Bookings on tours with one or more nights will now pop up a warning if any of the passengers do not have accommodation.

Web promo codes can be added during the tour create process.

Agent booking confirmations can now be emailed to the agent's email address.

Home pick up points (if enabled) can be geocoded and viewed on a map through the mail list via the 'Home' button.

Advanced booking finder. The booking finder has been replaced with a more powerful search tool.

New and improved insurance bordereau. Using the report Insurance Bordereau Version 2, the speed has been increased and reports can be viewed and printed without having to re-run.




Voucher option issue in bookings - Issue with VCZ type options as tour options and wrongly checking for stock.

An issue has been fixed with the option check when transferring bookings. Some options were wrongly identified to prevent a transfer.

Automatically created discounts applied through the reserve window have been fixed. There as an issue preventing them from showing on confirmations.

Some preventative coding has been added to try and prevent the occasional missing passenger names.




User rights - New roles can select an existing role to inherit from. The newly created role will have all its rights set as per the parent role.

User rights - A new right has been created to allow editing of a booking after a final rooming list has been sent.

When overnights are used, the main centre is highlighted as such.

The pay trace window has been tidied and will now show items pending in the cash day book.

The booking cancellation process has been reworked and improved. New cancellations can now have their cancellation report reprinted.