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New Features


New logging has been introduced for emailing through Exchange. (For diagnostic purposes only.)

Email address verification has been added to all email fields. This can only check to ensure the email address entered is a valid format.

Client email address checking. If a duplicate email address is entered against a customer in the mail list, a pop up will identify which client id the email address is already in use by.

The tour services window has now added filters to be able to search by tour categories.

Voucher purchases in the cash day book will now have a populated tour date field for tracking.

User branch details are now available to be output to all printed reports. Reports will require modification to show this.

Reserve - Clients marked for deletion in the mail list are now not returned in search results.

Marketing - New search criteria has been added. It is now possible to search the mail list by client id and email address.



A potential bug has been fixed where under certain circumstances the passenger sold figures on a tour could show a negative number.

When replicating a tour that has a web discount setup, the discount is only replicated if there are no promo codes and date ranges setup. This is to prevent a time restricted promotion becoming available on other dates.

A potential bug has been fixed where t3 would close when opening the accommodation of a tour by double-clicking on the tree-view items.

An error has been resolved where a user could attempt to consolidate a client in the mail list without selecting a client first.

A bug forcing t3 to close when clicking on the print button in a booking has now been resolved.