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New Features


A text search has been added to the tour finder to search for key words in the tour description.

Tours in the tour finder can now be filtered by 'Analysis Code', in addition to the tour categories.

A new tab 'Itinerary' has been added onto the tour finder which displays the tour itinerary for the selected tour.

It is now possible to have 20 styles of accommodation per hotel, an increase from 8.

A new user role based security system has been incorporated into t3. The current security system will continue to be the default until all user roles are setup.



Rooming list speed - the speed to generate the rooming list report either within a tour or through batch has been drastically improved.

For insurance options that have been declared on a bordereau, the quantity and pricing controls have been disabled.

The 'Include Provisionals' selection has been removed from the insurance bordereau print screen.

Enhancements to the FSA Script pop up have been made in this version. The script will now only pop up when the insure button is clicked on a passenger, and only once per visit to the booking so it won't display for every passenger on the booking.

Bookings on PMS enabled hotels cannot have a room undersold. E.g. A single passenger will be prevented from booking a double room.


A potential bug has been fixed where under certain circumstances the passenger sold figures on a tour could show a negative number.


The cancellation report will now correctly show the correct date of cancellation if changed from today's date when cancelling the booking.


An attempt to prevent t3 closing when closing the accommodation window has been included in this version. We cannot replicate the issue reported every time so there may still be a rare occurrence of this.


An error has been fixed which occurred when attempting to use the 'Consolidate Client' feature in Marketing, without selecting any client to consolidate.


An issue with the accommodation edit window showing the incorrect tour code when shared has now been fixed.


Changes to the Voucher window should now prevent the issuing of vouchers when a client hasn't been created properly.


A bug preventing the batch rooming list from being printed twice in the same session has been fixed.


AFD data truncation issues have been resolved which could have caused problems when inserting customer details into the mail list.


Passenger names in the passenger edit window are no longer highlighted by default to prevent accidental deletion.