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An issue had been reported that the option vatable flag wasn't being saved. This has now been fixed.

A bug where travel club membership details were being wiped has been fixed.

An issue editing route points and saving the pick up place name has been fixed.

A problem with room supplements not being picked up when making a booking on a tour with shared accommodation has been fixed.

T3 would close unexpectedly when trying to run a system report when the report layout didn't exist. A pre-check has been put in place to prevent this.

Issues with adding extra pickups to a new route if the new route was a newly created instance and not one being attached to have been fixed.

Under some circumstances users were unable to change dates on a tour.


New features

New t3 logo is used throughout.

The ability to search for 'no region' and 'all regions' has been added to the marketing extracts.

The agent email field has been increased to 60 characters.

The supplier name field has been increased to 60 characters.

The web catalogue name and URL has been added to display within the tour categories which should help when selecting analysis groups for a tour.

All reports which produce XLS should now offer the user the choice of automatically opening the result.