V3.06.210 - October 2014

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V3.06.210 - October 2014

New Features

Overpayment warnings. When a user is attempting to make a payment or refund which results in a booking being overpaid then a warning message will be shown.

The number of rows the tour browser returns can now be configured (Roeville support will need to do this in the database.)

A new notes field has been added to the accommodation overnights.

Void vouchers can now be un-voided. The 'unvoid' button is only available when a void voucher has been selected. Paid for vouchers that have been void CANNOT be un-void. Only for none-paid for voucher types.

Batch email room lists. Batch room lists can now be emailed through the 'Services' section of t3. Select the tours and report layout to be sent, a list of selected suppliers with email addresses will then be shown.

Batch emailing of confirmations is now possible directly from the tour bookings tab.




The passenger requests selector has been modified to prevent issues with the drop down list not always populating on Terminal Server sessions.

A bug affecting the room price shown in the accommodation stack when using shared resources has been fixed. The own pricing flag was not always being observed.

Mail list consolidate. It was possible to use the consolidate tool without first selecting a client which could result in customers being lost. This has been locked down.

The FSA has been replaced by the FCA. Any references to FSA has now been updated.

A simple check has been added to make sure a payment type is selected when in the payment window.