V3.06.600 - August 2015

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V3.06.600 - August 2015

New Features

Room sales statements are now available to email to suppliers. From Reports --> Accommodation, RoomSales report method.

A new facilities menu is now available against suppliers. Can be viewed by right-clicking on the accommodation window and setup through Maintain --> Suppliers.

Booking cancellations are now available to be emailed to the client.

A telephone number can now be stored against each passenger, accessible when double clicking a passenger in a booking.

The tour options requirements report will now output passenger names as well as the lead client.

Vouchers have been restricted to prevent the type and value being altered after being issued.

Issue numbers and card issue dates are no longer required for Sage Pay transactions so have been disabled.

The number of loyalty points t3 is able to issue has been increased.



Tours with zero passengers booked are now finalised when printing/emailing final rooming lists.

Transferring a booking will now warn if the occupied room doesn't exist on the new tour.

Payments on vouchers are now prevented from exceeding the voucher value. It was previously possible to process a payment greater then the voucher value.



Improving the user experience

Sage Pay transaction error messages will now provide more detail than just the error code.

Message boxes when transferring bookings between tours have been improved to highlight the types of options that are allowed on transfer.

The edit room details window within a tour has been amended slightly to allow room types with longer names to display fully.

The overnight stays window on a tour will now display the hotel town and email address fields.

A new updated web browser is used when displaying web pages within t3, such as the tour's web itinerary.

Booking window price controls will now accept a figure up to 9999999.99

Increased the number of colours when highlighting option groups.

Voucher redemption details are now visible from the voucher window. Double click a voucher to see the date, user and booking redeemed against.

The FCA script window is now resizeable.