V4.1.958 - November 2018

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V4.1.958 - November 2018

New Features

Custom Excel extracts can now be created to be run from the Agents' reports area.

A t28 feature of creating Newspaper affiliates for reader holidays has been brought into t3.

A t28 feature of shuttles/express tours has been brought into t3.

Marketing preferences per brand have been added to brochures and enquiries. This will require each brochure to have a brand set.

Housekeeping - When a user logs out of t3, it will clean up any user generated temporary files.

A postage charge pop up can be enabled to allow a configurable charge to be added to the booking if the customer would like to receive printed documents.




When routing a tour, we now prevent a route point being dragged onto a route which is already using that point as a link point. A warning box will now appear if this is attempted.

A bug affecting the balance paid not getting updated on a booking has been fixed.

Adding customers to the wait list could under certain circumstances cause t3 to crash.

The previous limit of 10 per passenger options has been lifted and increased to 15.



Improving the user experience

A new security role has been added for printing and exporting batch tour reports.

Agents can now be flagged as inactive.

The voucher purchase window has been replaced with a new, easier to use window which works more in-line with the booking and sundry areas.


Discount Rate Maintenance

Resizing the main discount maintenance window is now remembered and saved against each user's log in.

The tour searcher for adding discounts to an individual tour has been improved. It will also now show a room count for each tour.

Additional criteria has been added to discount setup. The following is now available:

 - Brand filters

 - Web areas

 - Tour duration

When selecting categories for discount criteria, multiple can now be selected per discount.

When replicating a tour, discounts are no longer copied over from the original tour.

Tour analysis groups are now compulsory when creating new tours.

Individual tours can now be set to be excluded from being discounted. There is a new tick box 'Do Not Discount' in the tour settings.

The discount options within tour settings has been replaced with a 'Discount' button. This will open a window showing current discounts and new discounts can be created. This is a shortcut to creating a single tour discount through Discount Rate Maintenance.

On the Edit Discount Rate window there is a new option to 'View Usage'. This will open a new browser to see bookings made with the selected discount.

A discount can not be saved if 'Single Tour' is selected by no tour has been chosen.