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Reserve - The speed of the tour finder through reserve has been slightly improved when filtering by pickup point.

An issue when saving tour notes has been fixed. The length of notes has also been increased to 4096 characters.

Booking cancellations - Now uses a different calendar control to select the date as issues had been reported where the date would automatically advance if changed.

Travel club payments go into the cash book as club revenue and not tour revenue.

Tour Settings - The web discount type now has a none option so no longer needs to default to percentage.

Tour window crashing when exiting the accommodation window.  Some exception handling has been added to try and prevent this.

A bug has been fixed with passenger seat swapping where there was the issue of swapping to an unseated passenger

New Features

It is now possible to email confirmations directly from t3.  Select print within a booking and there is now an added option to preview then email.  This requires configuring in Maintain à Settings

Duplicate client entries can now be consolidated in the mail list.  By highlighting a customer then going to the File menu you will find a new entry, ‘Consolidate Client’.  Enter the customer id of the client you want to be consolidated.

Royal Mail Mailsort codes can now be used to apply to the mail list.  Available through Marketing --> File --> Apply Mailsort Codes.

FSA Script pop up.  An FSA script be configured to pop up to be read to a client before making a booking. Select the document you want to appear in Maintain --> Settings --> Catalogue. Enable the pop up on the Preferences tab by ticking 'Pop FSA Script Window'.  This can also be manually called from within a booking from the Edit drop down menu, Read FSA Script.  

The changes log can be enabled to pop up when going into a tour through Reserve. Enable this in maintain --> Settings --> Pop Tour Changes Log Window.



Reports using ADSCAN method now has the tour categories, analysis codes and web catalogue available to report on.


Tour Contracts - The info columns of a contract item have been added into this browser window.


Logging for PMS enabled tours has been increased to date stamp file names - For diagnostics only.


The AFD customer picker windows have been standardised across t3 to look and work in the same way.

Categories - Duplicate categories will now be prevented from being created.


A reference number can now be entered against a cabin style tour option.


The Services section is now Read-Only for users without permissions to edit.


Batch rooming lists - Options have now been exported to be available to this report.