v4.2.0 - 25th October 2012


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v4.2.0 - 25th October 2012


Amendments to the Shortlist feature to move any customer selections into cookies rather than the session. This allows for favourite tours in the shortlist to be saved for future visits and not lost

A new customisable holiday finder module along with a more in-depth search results module have been added to WebRes, (advancedsearch5\advancedsearchresults5). This allows for a much more flexible customer search system within WebRes. Please consult Roeville before attempting to implement this on your site as extra work may be required.

The booking process now asks for a pickup to be selected against each passenger instead of assuming the first point in the list alphabetically.

The booking process now hides the Passenger info page if their are no passenger options for that tour\trip etc.

A live coach seat plan viewer can now be added on the default itinerary page against each tour date and also the new search results module (above).

The default itinerary page now has full support to display any discounted tour web prices along with the savings made. Once switched on these columns will only show if there is a tour linked into the itinerary page that has a discount. If no discounts are applied to a the tours then the columns automatically hide.

WebRes pages can now support a horizontal footer pane alongside the existing Left, Centre and Right panes.

A new module called Latest deals has been added which allows tours which fall within certain discount parameters to be automatically displayed on a website as a list. This can be used to market specific tours.

 The ability to have multi-region homepages can now be used based on a user region selection. Please consult Roeville before attempting to implement this on your site as extra work may be required.

The Routesync fetch has been modified to add support for brochure regions (requires t3 sproc updates at same time as WebRes update).

Various t3 route sprocs and triggers have been updated in t3 (inline with this update) to streamline how WebRes deals with routes and pickup points etc.

The itinerary list with summary search results module has been updated to show the tour date and number of tour days in the search results.

Support for full Facebook, Twitter and Google+  support on a per page level (was previously at a site level).

Support for integration with Google's latest V3 Maps API schema.

The booking insert method into t28\t3 now tries to compensate for any unforeseen broadband\network issues at the end operators end to stop potential issues with the Web bookings in t28\t3 being duplicated or containing incorrect details etc.

Fixed pence payment issue in balance payments

Modified Admin\End user login process to be more secure

Various backend performance improvements have been made