v2.6.4 to 4.1.8 - 25th Sept 2007 to 26th Mar 2012


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v2.6.4 to 4.1.8 - 25th Sept 2007 to 26th Mar 2012

WebRes - Version 4.1.8 –26th March 2012


Increased performance of many t2\t28\t3 lookup and write procedures within WebRes (only works with latest t2\t3\t28 versions).


Tied up varied inconsistencies between the booking insert of WebRes compared to the booking insert of desktop products (t2\t28\t3).


Changed the Ads data connection string  to include ‘pooling=false;’ This should increase the stability of the data connection under specific scenarios  -– this fix can be applied in earlier

versions without updating to 4.1.8 but will be rolled out as standard in this version.


WebRes now deals with the whole set of rooms per hotel.  This should stop the error of empty room type names at random points in the accommodation table.


SLTran table (t2\t28) now populating ID numbers based on the last inserted id plus one. T3 already dealt with ID’s properly.


Room supplement charges always look at the local pricing and not shared accommodation prices. This reflects the t2\t28\t3 logic.


WebRes booking process does not show 0 stock options. As per change made to WebRes back in 2010 no option can be booked if the stock is 0. WebRes now doesn’t show this option in the booking process to start with therefore stopping the ‘Options not available’ message at the end of a customer booking.



WebRes - Version 4.1.7 –7th February 2012


Added more verbose  logging to the service layer.


Added config setting to force the region of the service layer to GB UK.


Fixed’ Home’ button not being clickable in certain conditions by default when this update is applied – this fix can be applied in earlier versions without updating to 4.1.7


WebRes - Version 4.1.6 –20th January 2012


The ability to spend Tesco Club Card rewards has been added to the payment page. This is a t3 only feature and works under strict Tesco conditions.


T2 Routes have now been integrated into the advanced search 3 process.  Synchronizing routes (T2 style) now includes lats/longs. This previously worked with t3 correctly.


Long and Lat (geocode) searches are now passing the operator reference correctly for multiple users for correct tracking of credit balances.


Added extra logging to the service layer to help aid diagnostics.


WebRes - Version 4.1.5 v1\v2 –20\28th December 2011


Web Price to show the normal Brochure Price if there is no web discount present

against the tour (in Itinerary Viewer and Search Results pages).

Multiple tours hotels to be shown in Hotel Column not just 1.

Easier itinerary setup and modifications. Template Hotel items to pick from and ability to clone existing itineraries, (more changes to follow in future updates).

Fixed duplicate mail list entries for t2\t28 customers under certain circumstances.

Paging by lettering has been added to the itinerary library for the WebRes CMS/Admin section for easier searching – V2


WebRes - Version 4.1.4 (4.5) –14th November 2011


Added the ability to clone existing itineraries

Friendly urls for itineraries.

Post booking entry registration.


WebRes - Version 4.1.3 – 14th  October  2011


Amadeus rollback support added.


WebRes - Version 4.1.2 – 5th  September 2011


Amadeus Integration now enabled.


WebRes - Version 4.1.1 – 19th September 2011

(Some items brought forward from 4.1.0 v2)



Support for t28 new Accommodation (up to 20 types) system.

Fix agent commission band issues where WebRes was always using band A for commission.

Https logins are now forced for brochure request\email signup and new account management module.

Fix for overselling of options in certain circumstances.

Fix mismatch on room types back in t2\t28\t3 for shared accommodation causing failed bookings.

Tidy up of false error emails from internal logging system.

Second lookup by initial, surname, postcode lookup on failure of email lookup for t3.

Amadeus Integration (Not enabled yet).


WebRes - Version 4.1.0 v2 – 14th July 2011


Modified WebRes to deal with over sold room types better in t2\t3 when end users accommodation sold figures are greater than their stock figures and have purposely over sold room stock.

Various login screens for example the account management and brochure request screens etc have been forced to only use secure https pages on live sites. PCI requirements insist of this now.

WebRes - Version 4.0.9 – 7th July 2011


Promo Code discounts against the basic tour cost have been introduced for t3. (already in t2).


WebRes - Version 4.0.8 – 14th June 2011


The following item fix from version 4.0.6 wasn’t working correctly. This has now been modified and is ok now.

When using crafty clicks the registration page could allow users to register without having to populate the full address, this has now been fixed.


There was a bug when using shared seat plans that meant that the wrong graphical seat plan could have been shown in the booking process if the previously selected seat was not available at the point of the booking completion online.


When users have chosen insurance through options the confirm screen, confirmation screen and confirmation emails now state that insurance has been selected properly.


A new card charge range system has been implemented.  WebRes now supports the ability to decide whether to implement card charges (debit or credit) based on the booking cost. For example you could decide not to charge card charges for bookings under £10 or another example would be to not charge for bookings over £1000. You can also specify that you only charge card charges between a range for example £50 and 500. You can setup these rules individually for both credit and debit card charges too.


Fixed an issue where passing ?adref=”<referrer>” was being applied to incorrectly against further bookings after the initial booking had taken place.



WebRes - Version 4.0.7 – 23rd May 2011


A new configurable setting has been added to WebRes to allow for the rounding of decimal places for discounts.


WebRes is now configurable to allow for the insertion of the itinerary ID’s into multiple t2\t3 fields.


An issue has been fixed for the “balance payment” payment section.


All passengers must now select all compulsory options for all passengers before proceeding past the passenger option screen. This was a bug that has now been fixed.


Pickup point filtering is now being performed on the itinerary viewer page when applicable.


WebRes has been modified to communicate with a certain t2\t3 file differently to stop possible booking errors when t2\t3 was reading from the file at the same time.



WebRes - Version 4.0.6 - 23rd May 2011

Route point synchronize will now synchronize all points in the t3 route queue when its collect limit is reached as opposed to continuous running to collect a whole queue.


When using crafty clicks the registration page could allow users to register without having to populate the full address, this has now been fixed.

We now store the mobile phone number correctly in the mobile phone number field against the customer in t2\t3 as opposed to storing it in the standard phone number field.

A brand new "My Account" section is now available in WebRes allowing the user to perform many popular account management actions. Note: The balance payment feature is only available for t3 customers. Please speak to Roeville first before enabling this on your site.

All search facilities in WebRes now search the itinerary keywords on top of the existing search areas.


WebRes - Version 4.0.5



WebRes now supports the t3 “Seat plan shadowing” feature, this allows for multiple tours to share the same seat plan for WebRes.



WebRes - Version 4.0.4



Enhancements to the new Door2tour.com booking and logging system.


Enhancements in the payment system (payer auth\3d secure) shift of liability responses.


WebRes - Version 4.0.3



Fixed some minor errors within balance payments.


Balance payment login screen is now forced to use https.


Pickup points showing on the advanced search results page are now filtered according to the search request.


The display of pickup points on the advanced search results page has changed to incorporate unordered lists and list items etc.


Card numbers have been obfuscated to only show the first 6 and last 2.


Extra logging has been added to the payment system for enrollment check requests and responses.


A bug has been fixed when hiding the booking option page within the booking process  along with the non-use of card charges that causes an error with a booking.


Various pages that were coded to round up and down to the nearest £ and not to show the decimal places have now been changed so that this can now be optional for that page.


WebRes - Version 4.0.2


When booking on a tour, sometime the availability screen is shown without the correct hotel information.  This scenario has been captured and users should now be directed to an appropriate error page and an error email will be sent.


Vat flags for ad-hoc options for example card charges is now being passed to t2/t3.


WebRes can now function in a variety of ways with the back office reservation system.


Modes are t2 only, t3 only or mixed.


WebRes now updates the following for passenger statistic in the Mail List

oLast travelled date

oTotal spent

oNumber of times traveled


The ability to work with shared options has been integrated.


The ability to take Balance payments (stage 1) for t3 systems is now in WebRes. Stage 2 will add increased functionality.

WebRes now recognises new Door2Tour.com commission schemes.

SLTran transaction logging has been implemented for bookings, client inserts and enquiries.

The service layer has been moved to .net v4.

Alterations have been made to the booking process options page when using insurance type options.

Updated the friendly URL system to cope with multiple Desktopdefault.aspx files (multi-branded WebRes sites).


WebRes - Version 4.0.1


Loggings to the bookings table have now been restored.


Credit card number logic validation has been added to the payment screen.


The option for the customer to opt out of mailings can now be configured on the booking confirmation page.


Fixed an issue that causes errors when trying to link images though to a page in the CMS when using the “…” icon.


Tab pages can now hold additional information in the form of footer text to enhance sites SEO.


A promotions code system has been implemented for t2. This allows online discounts if a code is entered online that matches the code generated by an operator against a tour.


There was a bug with .NET 4.0 and IIS where the system will choose a currency that is not the default machine currency.  This will manifest itself by showing a dollar symbol for various monetary amounts. WebRes has now been modified to override this issue and fix the problem.



WebRes - Version 4.0


WebRes is now compiled and written in Microsoft’s latest .net 4.0 programming language which should bring extra stability and performance enhancements over the .net 2.0 version WebRes used before.


“Friendly URLS” have been added to WebRes. This brings SEO advantages for Google and other search engines and also provides a neater looking path in the browser.


A new tab alt setting has been added to the CMS too allow for greater SEO compliance.


Changes have been made to the background data added into t2\t3 from WebRes when options are purchased within the booking process - (also done in version and



WebRes - Version


Changes have been made to the background data added into t2\t3 from WebRes when options are purchased within the booking process - (also done in version and 4.0).



WebRes - Version 2.9.9


Internal  version only


WebRes - Version 2.9.8


New feature allowing Postcode to long\Lat conversions within a specific search module. This allows an end user to enter a postcode and then carry on there search but only from the resulting pickup points the customer receives on the initial search. Please speak to the WebRes team if you’re interest in this as it requires a lot of configuration and the postcode to long\lat lookups are charges at on a pence per click basis. Pickup point results can be shown using a range for example within 5, 15, 50 miles e.t.c or results can just show the top 5, 10, 20 closest results e.t.c – t3 only.


The registration screen (brochure\booking screen) is now simpler to use and is displayed on  1 page instead of 2.


WebRes now has a new Shortlist\Wish list module. This allows a user to add multiple tours they might be interested in onto their own “Short List” page to reviewed\compared and booked at a later date.


The seat plan within the booking process now handles supplement charges for any seats for example the front seats, you can specify these settings against the itinerary. There is also the ability to reserve seats for only “disabled passengers only” by use of a new disabled seat icon.


The password reset process has been changed to allow a user to seamlessly carry on with their booking from the moment they had to reset they’re email account password. The advantage of this that an end user spends less time searching for the tour they want to book again and potentially never returning to book.


We now have a new availability popup on some search results that uses a “Traffic Light” system to advise end users of the availability of room types on the tour accommodation. The “Red”, “Orange”, and “Green” lights are configurable to different availability values for the rooms.


The “Extra Info” screen in the booking process now has configurable fields to specify whether certain insurance details should be compulsory or not as some end users were quitting the booking process as they didn’t have this information.


The booking options page can now be hidden entirely on a per site basis. This should only be used if  there are no booking options setup on any tours. The confirm\confirmation pages will still show any automated booking options added through making a booking for example card charges e.t.c


WebRes now does a pre-check against reference numbers for newly assigned customer numbers in the mail list to stop issues with duplicate\incorrect entries.




WebRes - Version 2.9.7


Fixed an issue where the option to ‘Show Itineraries without Tours’ was not showing more than 4 results in the itinerary with summary screen.


Title drop down lists have changed to handle upper case titles correctly. This was a bug introduced in version 2.9.6



WebRes - Version 2.9.6


Major changes have been made in WebRes that changes the lookup and adding of customers within t3. All searches are now based on email address instead of initial, surname, and postcode.

Support for brands within t3 has been added.

Changes in the communication between WebRes and Door2tour have been made to allow a better quality of information to be passed to their website for t2\t3.

A new feature in WebRes now allows t3 to talk directly back to the website enabling live updates from t3 to WebRes. This allows us to do away with tour sync jobs as any changes made in t3 for example prices should be seen straight away on WebRes. Although this is enabled in WebRes it still requires work in t3 and so this feature is not fully activated yet.


WebRes - Version 2.9.5


When making an agent booking in t3 the agent Id is now passed correctly and so the financial tab of the booking shows Agent booking instead of direct booking.


WebRes now assigns the commission band in the tour settings against any web discounts (price matrix or tour discount) options on the booking.  Commission band information is now being passed for all other tour options correctly too.


If the ‘Mystery tour’ flag in the tour settings for t3 is checked then WebRes will now replace the hotel name with “Mystery Hotel” in all search results\Diary \itinerary screens and the booking screen.


Options change.  Accommodation options on the web now validate the number of passenger’s vs. the number of options chosen.  This takes the accommodation option size into consideration from the t2\t3 settings.


WebRes - Version 2.9.4


Changes have been made to the background data added into t2\t3 from WebRes when options are purchased within the booking process - (also done in version and 4.0).



WebRes - Version 2.9.4


Major speed increases have been made on any customer find functions for t3 customers. Time out issues were occurring is rare circumstances where end user t3 servers were low on resources.

Added a web e-mail signup feature which writes information back into t2\t3

WebRes now checks the tour status message’s “Cancelled\Running” in the t2\t3 tour settings. This setting should never really be used to cancel a tour on the web anyway and you should always follow the advice in the latest WebRes manual. WebRes now check as a failsafe mechanism anyway.

Fixed an issue recovering t2 data over shared mail lists for door2tour extracts


WebRes - Version 2.9.3


Modified WebRes to work correctly with shared mail lists in t2.


Fixed an issue under certain circumstances where the confirmation email may display the town\city and the County the wrong way round in the address for the customer.



WebRes - Version 2.9.2


A new Advanced Search module has been added to WebRes that allows various URL parameters to be used for example Destination\Web Areas\Duration\Month of travel\Departure within a pre-configured amount of days. Please ask Roeville for more assistance.  


Fixed a small issue where if a tour status had been set in t2\t3 (e.g. please call) then no prices were shown on any search results pages back in WebRes. Webres now correctly populates all information about a tour even if it is not bookable.


WebRes - Version 2.9.1


Modifications have been made to the way WebRes deals with mail list entries within t2 when multiple sites are sharing the same dataset. A bug could occur that would assign the same ID to multiple customers.


WebRes - Version 2.9


Self drive bug - clicking back in booking process causes seat position boxes to reappear on the availability screen when a tour\item is flagged as self drive in t2\t3.

n/a is now shown under the Pickup Summary section on the confirmation emails if tour\item is flagged as self drive in t2\t3.

A new booking trawl function has been created for any Door2Tour t3 customer.

Registration forms have been modified so that certain details are now compulsory.

All customer registration forms now have the ability to use a Postcode Address finder system that auto completes an address entry based on just the postcode. This is an extra item that can be plugged into Webres and is chargeable based on the amount of postcode searches made by customers.


Webres now has an overriding tour status - (customisable) flag. If a tour is sold out or has been finalised then instead of the usual “Sold Out” message that replaces the “Book Now” button we can now show a custom message here across all of the tours that match this status.

Tours with accommodation assigned now only allows bookings to be made when at least 1 adult is travelling.


The forgotten your password section of Webres has been re-written to allow it to work more securely.

A new test routine has been added to Webres to allow Roeville to further develop the Web Monitoring program used in-house. The program checks that’s websites are up and running ok and this further new test will check that customers systems are communicating with WebRes correctly too. If for any reason there are any problems with both then Roeville will be notified.

The Itinerary Viewer page handled some meta-tag descriptions incorrectly. These have been fixed now.

Itinerary pages now allow for keywords up to a character length of 250 to be added. This has increased from 50 characters and is more inline with what Google will accept.

Linking tours screen - if there is no tour selected WebRes now shows a warning message instead of an error when the add selection button is clicked.

Tidied up the booking process for the booking\passenger option screens if no options are available for that tour.

Fixed an issue whereby typing in multiple email address incorrectly in the WebRes Admin section could cause WebRes to error when sending mails.


WebRes - Version 2.8.9


Fixed an issue where tours using shared multi-accommodation with keep own price ticked in the tours setting could display the wrong hotel price in the booking process.


Fixed the tour summary details at the bottom of the itinerary screen under the “From” column to show the lowest tour price based on a tour that uses multi-accommodation where prices for each accommodation are different.



WebRes - Version 2.8.8


Fixed an issue from the changes in 2.8.7 that mean Agents with Web Credit could fill the “Amount Taken” box in as less than the booking total but the value shown in the Payment Received was always the full booking cost.


WebRes - Version 2.8.7


Web discounts can now applied to agents on a per agent\tour basis after some operators still wanted to allow agents to receive the web discounts that their customers could have originally in version 2.8.1. We originally disabled Agents web discounts in version 2.8.4.


The online booking confirmation has been modified to show the following:


oPayment Received


oPayment due no later than dd/mm/yyyy (taken from tour settings)


Note that balance and payment due information will only be shown when the payment amount is less than the total booking amount for example a deposit payment.

WebRes - Version 2.8.6


The availability popup box now shows only the room types that are available and not all room types. This popup box can also be shown in the itinerary screen as well as the advanced search results.

Various field\databases changes to tie in with new t2\t3 development changes.

Fixed a problem with the seat plan in the booking process. When you navigated back to the seat plan from the payment page and selected different seats it allowed changes for all passengers bar one.

WebRes now checks availability on all accommodation centres on a t2\t3 tour before displaying sold out in the itinerary screen. It was ignoring anything but the first accommodation centre before.

In the WebRes customer registration form the country drop down list only showed the below countries. As WebRes sites get registrations from international users, there is now a comprehensive list of countries to pick from.


The Advanced Search page has been restricted to allow a maximum of 2 boxes to be selected per section.


t2\t3 now has a new tour setting called Self Drive Tour. If this is ticked then Webres tidies up the booking process\confirmation emails and removes various references to picking seats and pickup points. The “Self Drive Tour” option is also useful to tick when selling item based products for example tickets, holiday vouchers and memorabilia.


t2\t3 now has an FSA Approved option that can be selected against agents. Webres will disable the insurance tick box in the booking process (against the passenger name) for any agents where this option is not ticked.


Fixed an issue where using multiple accommodations on a tour could have resulted in the incorrect amount taken for a booking if the customer selected an alternative accommodation in the booking process and accommodation prices were different.



WebRes - Version 2.8.5


Tidied up a rare inconsistency in the new options system that could have lead to misleading option prices online and in t2\t3 although the correct amount would have been taken from the customer’s card still.




WebRes - Version 2.8.4


Fixed an issue with the discount system that allowed agents booking on the web to receive these in addition to direct customer web bookings. Agents no longer receive the discounted price.

Fixed a rare rounding up\down price issue against passengers in the booking process. This bug didn’t affect the end sell price of the tour at all but was just showing the incorrect amount at one point of the booking.



WebRes - Version 2.8.3


The way in which Options are now dealt with in Webres mirrors the setup in t2\t3. Any combination of option setup in t2\t3 should now work fine on Webres and the layout has changed in the booking process to allow passengers to select which options they specifically require more easily.  


Note: Please read the Latest Webres manual on option setup within t2\t3 along with this

update to make sure that your system continues to sell options correctly after the update.




WebRes - Version 2.8.2


Advanced search results grids are no longer showing closed pickup points


Web areas in t2\t3 tour settings have been implemented on the advanced search results.


Webres now passes through the discount figure correctly into t2\t3 when using tour discounts introduced in 2.8.1. Although the discounted figure was displayed online as being rounded off when using percentage discounts, the actual figure inserted into t2\t3 wasn’t rounded off. This has now been fixed and so the discounted rounded off figure shows across the whole of the Website and t2\t3.



WebRes - Version 2.8.1


New Web discount feature that allows for Buy one get one free, Buy two get one free e.t.c and also percentage\fixed web discounts per tour. The discounted price is shown next to the normal brochure price online. We can also include an extra column to show the savings made too for buying on the web.


Fixed over selling of options caused by Webres overriding stock amounts if compulsory was tick against the option in t2\t3.


More compatibility with Google analytics.


Changed Webres edit permissions on pages to stop editable pages to the general public. Some customers were leaving edit permissions as “all roles” on pages which allows anyone viewing the site to edit that page on the website. Customers would sometimes confuse this feature with the “viewing roles” which does need to be set to “all roles” under most circumstances.


Extra booking information passed to t2\t3 as requested by the support team.


Extra functionality added ready for the auto t2\t3 tour sync feature of WebRes as first mentioned in 2.7.7 below.



WebRes - Version 2.8.0


When linking tours, the t2/t3 searcher has been enhanced to provide the following features:


 Filter by nights.

 Filter by tours that have not been linked with colour coded tours showing the linked status.

 Enter key now works when using the search box as well as clicking on the “Go” button.

 Speed improvements.


Credit card charges can now be applied per passenger not just per booking online.  


Various error messages have been changed when Webres is in debug mode to assist deployment, upgrading and fault fixing.


WebRes - Version 2.7.9


Route Synchronization will now work for websites that use both t2 and t3 Roeville products that both link to the website at the same time.


Small bug fix to show the correct pickup point details on a Website itinerary screen where t2\t3 are both being linked to the website at the same time.


Agent add/edit screen now shows “ABTA number” instead of just “number”. This should make it clearer to operators exactly which agent details need to be placed in which boxes when entering them on the website.


WebRes - Version 2.7.8


A new feature has been written for the shared accommodation pricing. In t2\t3 the tours own price is now picked up by Webres. Their is a “keep own price” tick box in the t2\t3 tour settings. This uses the tours own pricing for the Web and not the shared accommodation price from the other tour.


Room availability now shows on search results and itinerary viewer as a pop up box.


VAT Rates are now configurable by Roeville instead of being “hard coded” into the system.


Category and Analysis codes are now being populated into t2\t3 from Webres bookings.


Fixed small problem with options over selling depending on t2\t3 option preferences.


WebRes - Version 2.7.7


Users could be presented with an error message if Roeville’s internal software log on the customer’s server is not accessible.  The booking and payment would have taken place correctly, but an error message was shown. This has forced users to book again resulting in a duplicate booking.  Errors that occur accessing Roeville’s internal software log after the booking and payment have taken place will now be ignored.


The Itinerary module can now show all itineraries even when no tours are linked.  Their is a new option in the module settings.

New images for visa verify and MasterCard secure code have been added to the payment screen in the booking process.

New text editing facilities have been added to the itinerary screens.


Issues with the synchronise tours\routes has been fixed in t2\t3. Roeville’s Web servers will also be running scheduled synchronisations at some point in the future to keep t2\t3 more up to date with the web.


Fixes to the payment screen not displaying correctly in Firefox.



WebRes - Version 2.7.6


Limited card number entry in the booking process to a maximum length of 19 characters.

Bug fixed where credit agents sometimes received a “rollback issued” message whilst making bookings.


WebRes - Version 2.7.5


The ability to deal with shared accommodation has been implemented.




WebRes - Version 2.7.4


3D secure payer auth payments are now working with the Commidea card funds handling system (visa verified and master card secure).


Meta tags prompt name has been changed to Google Keywords when editing itineraries.


Meta tags prompt name has been changed to Google Keywords when editing tab details.


Linked Google Keywords to itinerary viewer page.


New configurable advanced Tour search created.


Added the ability to book directly from the search results page instead of clicking on more info and then book now.


Itinerary Viewer summary page can now show t3 pickup points.


When in the booking process, pages will be set to expire if a user tries to go “back” after the booking. This is a security requirement to stop credit card numbers being gained maliciously if the booking process is left open by a user and walks away from their desk.





WebRes - Version 2.7.2\2.7.3


Users can now add page titles for each portal page.



WebRes - Version 2.7.1


Users can now add page names, descriptions and Meta tags for each portal page.

Small bug fixed that could bring back incorrect accommodation numbers from t2\t3.

t2\t3 Errata field is now being shown on the Web booking process.

Room types shown on the availability page have been modified to cap the number of available rooms.

Tours inclusive of insurance now ask the user to confirm that they have read the terms and conditions.

The option to show/hide room types when no rooms are available is a Roeville configured option.

Seat numbers are now being shown on the confirm page if chosen in the seat picker – booking process.

Passport number entry is now limited to 10 characters in the booking process.

Pickup summary details have changed slightly to show the word passengers instead of passenger if there is more than 1 passenger on the booking.



WebRes - Version 2.7.0


Fixed an issue where a tour with no available spaces was still bookable.  This now checks hotel space available if applicable (nights>0).  Webres will use the lowest space available either from seats or hotels.

Fixed an issue where Wirecard transactions were reporting a failure result when the transaction had been processed correctly.

t2\t3 Errata field is now being shown on the Web booking process.

Room type descriptions are now taken correctly.

A new page in the booking process. The function of this page is to collect passport and insurance information. This page is shown only if required to do so in the t2\t3 tour settings.

A site configurable option by Roeville is possible that will hide pickup times on the email confirmation and confirm\ confirmation screen in the booking process.



WebRes - Version 2.6.9


Webres now has the ability to process bookings against t2 and t3 databases.  This includes pickup information from our new routing application.

Deposits are now handled correctly after changes in t2\t3 application.

Per-passenger options are now saved against passengers and not just the tours.

Fixed a small bug in the Wirecard payment system to include the business case signature.


WebRes - Version 2.6.8

Full implementation of t3 Brochure Requests.


Fixed a bug where a tour linked to any service layer except the first would refresh and incorrectly.


WebRes - Version 2.6.7

Changes to the way in which Webres uses the WireCard Card funds handling system.


WebRes - Version 2.6.6


Fixed a bug where if customers have over-sold a room type e.g. Single, the availability screen would show a message stating that there are no rooms left even if a customer is trying to book a different room type.


Fixed a bug where a tour linked to any service layer except the first would refresh and incorrectly.  If a tour code was linked to say the second service layer and this tour code also existed in the first service layer, then upon refresh it would have caused the tour linking details to have reverted back to the first service layer.




WebRes - Version 2.6.5


When linking tours to Itineraries or performing any type of refresh of tour information the service layer now checks a new field in t2\t3.  “Status” (tour settings).


Webres Admin section changed to accommodate a new option to show\un-show admin modules. By default, no admin modules are now shown.


Everywhere that displays a list of available modules has been changed to ensure the list is in alphabetical order.


WebRes - Version 2.6.4


Itinerary edit\add screen modified to have a new hover Image drop down list – when a customer moves their moue onto an image I the itinerary summary page hover over image appears. This can be the same image or be different.





WebRes - Version 2.6.3


Fixed Itinerary Viewer showing duplicate pickup points.

Fixed -Booking process crashes when a user enters a credit card number with less than 5 characters.

Background styling changes.

Fixed the ability to modify coach sizes on the Coach hire quote form. The vehicle sizes can now be specified in HTML.