v4.3.0 - 29th Sept 2014


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v4.3.0 - 29th Sept 2014


Note: This will be the last major update for WebRes v4 as WebRes v5 is now in development.


t28 now uses email address look up for customer authentication as a primary method to initial, surname and postcode.

Fixed rare crashes on booking process seat plan and payment pages when no tour options assigned to a tour

Extra information now populate in t28\t3 to state if booking insurance has been purchased or not with initial web payment

Added a new Flexible Search Result parameter to be accepted called SD. Passed with a 0 this would show pass all none self drives. Passing a 1 would pass all tours that are self drive in tourlist. Not passing this through would be same as it is now and will be unfiltered

Added extra security to some of the customer lookup methods in WebRes

Old route sync method now decommissioned

Cleaned up redundant information being added to the t3 SLTRAN table on customer registrations

The Hotel board basis can now be shown on the flexible search results

‘Bookings total’ wasn’t being updated probably against the client in the mail list, this is now fixed

Added canonical tag setting in the tabs section of the /admin CMS

The ability for /admin CMS users to delete the 'Admin' tab has now been removed

Fixed a rare availability shared seat plan issue when entering the booking process

Fixed an issue when collapsing the tab list in the admin CMS

Issue fixed when either the tour or system deposit setting in t28\t3 is higher than booking cost and the booking process then asks for a deposit on the payment.aspx page that’s higher than the booking total. In this scenario we shouldn't ask for the deposit if the amount is higher than the booking cost

Altered how the booking process behaves if someone tries to make a booking at £0 cost. WebRes now handles the attempted card payment in a more friendly way and advises the end user to contact the website operator for more info

Room availability logic improved to better show and represent ‘Sold Out’ messages when rooms have minus stock figures in t28\t3

Fixed an issue when the Balance Payment feature is used to pay the full tour cost and this value wasn’t represented correctly against the booking in t3

Fixed an issue in Balance Payments when using multiple bank accounts\service layers and making payments against bookings. This resulted in payments being sent through the incorrect service layer

URL parameters are now kept when re-direction to alternative region homepages are used

Fix to the Flexible Holiday Search Panel module that stopped it searching from a homepage correctly when /<url name> wasn't present after the www.domain_name.xx

Improvements to the speed of which bookings are confirmed and completed at the end of the booking process

Misc security improvements

Many /admin CMS enhancements which include:

a)New -  Itinerary search and preview system

b)New - Image Manager tool

c)Modified - re-designed navigation and welcome screen.

d)Other enhancements and minor improvements