v5.0.5- 20th April 2016


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v5.0.5- 20th April 2016


New features

  You can now use region based modules.

  Ability to search for multiple rooms from the Flexible Tour Search Panel search system.

 Auto complete text\ suggestions for the keyword search for the  Flexible Tour Search Results search system - t3 only.

Alternative 'You may be interest in' tours  can now be shown on itinerary pages when using web areas \web categories- t3 only.

Date of Births can now be optionally taken against the Lead Passenger or all passengers on a booking.

The Flexible Tour Search Results can now pre-filter results based on multiple Category 1\2 selections.

The extra info page that shows in the booking process to allow a customer to enter their passport\own insurance and cruise requirements can now be added to the passenger info page to optimise the booking process.


Other improvements

Improved customer messages when card validation fails for incorrect date used.

Improvements to the Batch discount system when writing the discount name\type back into t3 against the booking.

Improved the Door2tour audit system for the Action based schemes.

Further CMS tidy ups to help maintain and build your itineraries.

We now attempt to void  the Sage Pay transaction automatically if a booking has failed to book correctly.

If rooms are not availble when the booking is inserted/confirmed into t28\t3 the booking customer is now passed back to the room selection page again


Bug Fixes

Internal - Fixed bookings not showing correctly for WebRes audit files.


Fixed issue with compulsory pax options not validating correctly in the booking process


Room sold out email errors are no longer incorrectly logged as errors in the system. They are informational occurrences only.