v5.0.8- April 2017


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v5.0.8- April 2017


Record payment type credit\debit in t28/t3

Fixed promocode discount issue for t3

Add flexible search parameter for up to 50 tour codes

Fixed Various CMS bugs when using images for Itineraries

Fixed compulsory Booking option issues in the booing process for t3 tours

Extra financial information now written into t3

Improved the t3 Batch Discount support in WebRes to support per passenger batch discounts in t3

Batch discount usage is now correctly updated in t3

Added the Batch Discount rule name into the booking option to allow for easy booking discount tracking when using fixed\percentage discounts. This already worked for promocode discounts

Customer Membership account detection. This allows us to re-direct to a page only accessible by valid Travel Club members

Changes to the  batch discount rule used if a single tour discount is the preferred higher value discount that gets applied