v28.1.154 Apr 2012

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v28.1.154 Apr 2012



Cancellation Invoice feature now supports Insurance Type Options. This requires modifications to custom cancellation invoice report formats.


Improved pickup times and details for alternate pickup points on the passenger tab within a booking.


Editing home pickups within a booking sometimes raised an error if pickup point 'NONE' was selected from the drop down lists.


Editing of alternate pickup points and times has been disabled in the passenger edit window of a booking.  All home pickup selections must now be made using Right-Click within the passenger list.


Fixed error when selecting Type 'NONE' from the drop down lists for ad-hoc options.




Accommodation edit now refreshes the tour window on closing, to show the accommodation changes.


The first Accommodation centre can now be safely removed from a tour provided there are no people booked into it.  Removing centres also forces a re-factoring of the centre numbers and updates the relevant bookings - ie if there are three centres and the first is removed, then centre 2 becomes centre 1 and centre 3 becomes centre 2.


Fixed a seat plan issue where it was possible to select beyond the seating plan.


Tour Creation


Standard accommodation types can be copied in for individual hotels provided they are set up in Maintain/Suppliers. Furthermore, if the supplier has been set up with default room stocks, these too can be applied to the newly created tour.




The free-text note Edit forms have been revised for Tour notes and  Booking notes to prevent editing by unauthorised users. The notes can be scrolled by users without modification rights.


New Index's have been added through t28 to improve the performance of the WebRes booking process.