v28.1.153c - February 2012

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v28.1.153c - February 2012



Fixed a rounding error which could prevent full tour refunds from being made.




Accommodation editing now automatically saves  stocks changes etc. without relying on the user to explicitly click the save button after each room change.


We have fixed a random "Cannot find Centre" warning if the centre name was not specifically selected in the Hotels Tree.


Clarified the "On Option" status label for confirmed bookings in the Bookings tab of the Tour Form.


Single passengers can no longer be booked into twin rooms without prior warning


Tour Creation


Improved data entry checking to prevent users specifying  ambiguous tour references.


Now automatically completes the Tour Reference offset to save users having to make a manual check of existing references.


Entries in the Create List can now be edited by double-clicking - allowing the user to change the departure dates.


Fixed replication of multi-centre tours where room types from subsequent centres were being added to the first one.




We have fixed a range error in Part 2 of the Insurance Bordereaux Excel Export code.


We have enhanced the Tour PandL excel export to split out more tour costing elements.




Tour Recode utility has been upgraded so that recoding a tour is simpler for the final prefix numbers.


t28 now creates the users workstation temporary report file folders if they don't already exist.


We have added a new "Edit Messages and Notes" level to control who can amend notes on bookings, agents and tours. All users can still add notes but only users with "Edit Messages and Notes"  are allowed to modify them.

(Note: We have dropped the unused "Hide Tour"  checkbox and added more tool-tips to simplify use of the security system.)